About Excusemi




Moving to Milan and not sure where to live or what official documents you need?

Living in Milan and looking for a great new restaurant, cool bar, scrumptiuos cake shop, hip florist, a new evening yoga class, a magician, school for your kids and so much more?

Well, look no further. Excusemi.com has something for everyone all in one place. We've combined our forces to provide a comprehensive and useful guide to Milan in both English and Italian.

So,  just ask us: "Excusemi...could you please recommend me a ....?" and we'll be happy to help you!


Who we are


Cristina was born in Milan, where she worked for many years as a lawyer. She is married with two children and lived in London for a number of years. On her return to Italy she discovered a dynamic city that has much to offer from a cultural and fun point of view.  


Helen is orginally from London and has lived, worked and had fun in Milan for the last 15 years. Having been through all the trials of deciphering Italian red tape to become: a resident; a self-employed solicitor; wife; mother and patient and survived the ordeal with a smile on her face, she wanted to help other ex-pats enjoy life in Milan without too much of a headache. 


Based in London, Leroy - after a career in writing computer software and being pretty darn good at it - decided to come out of retirement and help Cristina and Helen set-up this website. Little did he realise just how computer illiterate the girls really were, but with a lot of patience and laughs we hope you like the result. 

Thanks Leroy we couldn't have done it without you! (H&C)

Marco Gargano

Born in Milan, with a degree in Design & Communication at Politecnico di Milano, Marco describes himself as a "web art craftman", a mix of Art and Web Designer. He got Cristina and Helen to develope the graphic of Excusemi giving them advise from the aesthetic point opf view and still collaborate with them.