Ammu - il cannolo siciliano

Ammu: Made in Sicily. Here you can find a selection of Sicily's finest delicacies ready to eat in or take-away. Deliciously crisp, deep fried dough tubes prepared with a pinch of cacao in Catania according to an old aristocratic family recipe, are lovingly filled (while you wait) with a creamy ricotta filling and a sprinkling of chocolate chips, ground pistachio or caramelised oranges. Refreshing granitas prepared according to Acireale tradition: pistachio, almond, coffee, chocolate, mulberry, lemon, mandarin orange, strawberry, peach and figs. Traditional cassata of various dimensions as well as cassata al forno (flans filled with ricotta and chocolate chips) and torta sette veli (7 sumptuous layers of chocolate, hazelnut and croccantina); fragrant biscuits and sbrisolata made with pistachio flour. 

If sugar is not your thing, then why not try the large selection of traditional Southern condiments, preserves, sauces, pesto, oil, coffee, wine, beer, spririts, soft drinks, salt and spices on sale in store and on-line at

Following Ammu's huge success at EXPO 2015, they set up their first shop in Corso Magenta 32, which was swiftly followed by their store in Corso Garibaldi, 84.  

Corso di Porta Romana 44 Milano
388 756 31 40