Bio Express

Bio Express was one of the first organic fruit and vegetable home delivery services to arrive in Milan. Behind the name is a group of organic farmers from Alto Adige who, together with other organic producers from around Italy, grow, pick and deliver their fresh produce direct to your door every week. 

Bio Express offers basic bags or boxes of seasonal fruit and/or vegetables for singles, couples and families, the contents of which are listed weekly on Bio Express's website. If you want to tailor the contents of your box you can do so under the section "Mio Bio Express" or if you need to cancel or change a delivery simply send an email to Bio Express three days before delivery is due. Prices vary according to weight, single bags (3-4kg) cost €17, medium boxes (6-8kg) cost €25 and large boxes (9-12kg) cost €35. (Prices may vary so we suggest you refer to Bio Express's website). Please note that the exotic fruit is not local produce and is imported for obvious reasons.

Bio Express also offers a "Borsa d'ufficio" (Work Snack Bag) which consists of a wooden bag or crate full of fruit, vegetables and snacks that you can eat with your hands without any preparation (prices start from €18). For children being weaned onto solids, Bio Express has devised the "Bio Borsa baby"  which has everything a parent needs to make their toddler's meals.

It is also possible to order organic milk, eggs, apple juice, pasta, chewing gum, cooked meats, tomato sauce etc. through Bio Express's website. 

To join simply send an email with your personal details, fiscal code and IBAN to or call their freephone number (800892838). Payment can be made by direct debit, credit card, bank transfer or postal order. Don't forget to return your empty box every week or you will be charged €2.50. 


45 via Steinach Lagundo BZ 39022
800 892838