car2go - Car Sharing

car2go, which is owned privately, arrived in Milan at the end of 2013 and is in direct competition with GuidaMi, a Milan municipality car sharing scheme. car2go is present in other European cities and has had great success here in Milan to date. 

car2go has a fleet of 450 blue and white Smart cars which seat two people and unlike GuidaMi, car2go is very flexible.  To be precise the two different car sharing schemes complement each other and satisfy different needs. If you need to book a car on a specific date or want to choose a specific model, for example a four seater, GuidaMI is perfect. Whereas, if you need to get across Milan quickly, car2go is a great alternative to getting a taxi, bus, metro or tram.  

Let's see how car2go works...

You can hire a car2go car anywhere in the city, whenever you like and drop it off wherever you want to or, you can book one 30 minutes before you pick it up.  All you need to do is download an application onto your smartphone which locates the nearest available car using Gps.  car2go cars can be dropped off in blue or yellow (resident) parking spaces within a 120km radius without the risk of getting a parking fine! 

To join all you need to do is go on-line to'iscrizione, fill in the membership form and pay a €19 one off membership fee by credit card. The service costs 29 cents per minute, €14.90 per hour and €59 for the whole day. Don't forget that you will need a valid driving license! On joining, a membership card will be sent to your home. Keep it safe as you will need it to open the car once you have booked it. 

The hire price includes access into Area C, parking within the blue lines, petrol and insurance. If you find that the car has less than quarter of a tank, take it to the nearest car2go affiliated petrol station and you won't have to pay, also car2go will give you 20 free minutes to use within 30 days. To fill the car up with unleaded petrol you need to use the "carta carburante" (petrol card) which you will find above the touchscreen. Simply type in your PIN number and the number of KM the car has done on the touchscreen  (once the engine is off) and fill it up with unleaded petrol (benzina verde). If you can't find an affiliated petrol station, car2go will reimburse you. Make sure you keep the receipt!

To open the car you will need to hold your membership card over the bar code reader located behind the windscreen. Once it starts flashing red the car will unlock itself automatically and you will be able to open the car doors. From that moment onwards the metre will start running and you will be billed for the time you have the car. Make sure you check that the car is undamaged and clean (otherwise you risk being charged). Insert your PIN on the touchscreen.  Turn on the engine and off you go. 

car2go has zero tollerance for those that drink and drive. Even if you have had just one glass of wine, you will not be covered by the insurance in case of an accident!

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