Carta Nazionale dei Servizi - CNS

The Carta Nazionale dei Servizi (formerly Carta Regionale dei Servizi della Regione Lombardia) (National Services Card), also known as a CNS, is a smart card or personalised electronic card that combines the Tessera Sanitaria (National Health Card) and the Codice Fiscale (Tax Code) into one document. The CNS will be sent to your place of residence free of charge and can be used to easily access, even from home, the different services offered by the Regione Lombardia, companies and the Public Administration. 

The CNS has different functions:

  1. TESSERA SANITARIA NAZIONALE (National Health Card) which should be taken when visiting the doctor or hospital and given when purchasing medicines at a pharmacy;
  2. TESSERA EUROPEA DI ASSICURAZIONE MALATTIA (European Health Insurance Card or TEAM) that substitutes the old E111 form which was required when travelling abroad and which guaranteed health assistance in other European countries as well as Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland.
  3. TESSERINO DEL CODICE FISCALE (Tax Code Card) which is needed to interact with the Italian Public Administration and Entities. 

The CNS can be used to access all on-line services which require identification of the patient. 

If you do not currently possess a CNS card you can request one from the Scelta e Revoca desk at your nearest ASL. Should you lose your card or have it stolen, call the 800.030.606 freephone number and submit a self certified certificate of loss or theft to ASL or Agenzia delle Entrate.


In order to use the online services you will need to request the PIN code for your CNS card which permits online verification of the cardholder. You can request the PIN at:

  • ASL offices - go to the Uffici Scelta e Revoca offices with your CNS card and a valid ID document;
  • the offices of  SPAZIO REGIONE in the Province where you live by presenting your CNS card and a valid ID document;
  • at the Post Office - Uffici Postali, by presenting your CNS card and a valid ID document as well as the appropriate completed form you must request directly at the Post Office;   
  • get hold of a smart card reader that can be connected to your computer and purchased from leading electronic stores; 
  • installing CNS sofware compatible with your computer (downloadable for free from the Regione Lombardia website).

In order to use the on line services properly you will need to give your consent to the use of your personal information for Data Protection purposes when you request your pin, that way you can see your clinical and health information and medical test results. 

The CNS can be used for multiple services, such as:

  • consulting your electronic health file 
  • enter the regional tax authorities portal 
  • enter and use the e-Inps website services such as: access Equitalia services, social services files etc
  • enter the Agenzia delle Entrate (Tax Authorities) website to submit your tax returns, register a lease agreement, submit documentation to INAIL, etc

Travelling with CNS

This is still at an experimental stage, but soon it will be made available to everyone. It will be possible to top-up your Trenord season ticket using your CNS card.

For more information about the Carta Nazionale di Servizi contact the Casa del Consumatore at n. 800.168.566 or write to or go to the offices of Casa del Consumatore.