Gastronomia Yamamoto

Gastromonia Yamamoto: a taste of Japan without a Californian sushi roll in sight. 

I admit that when it comes to Japanese cuisine I rarely advance beyond the "sushi and sashimi" section on the menu, and am therefore ignorant of the delicacies that dwell beyond it. Gastronomia Yamamoto therefore proved to be a relevation, vastly enriching my gastromical knowledge of Nippon cuisine. Luckily for my family, friends and I, the menu was not extensive, and not wanting to miss out we ordered everything on it. For those of you that don't know me, I should confess that in my family we don't share food. So luckily for us the portions are sufficiently small, which meant that we were able to order more of everything without a morsel being left on the table and therefore avoiding a family feud and much unpleasantness. 

The starters were a real joy. Each plate of hijiki and mozuku were greeted with delight, while the braised pumpkin was the pièce de résistance giving rise to murmurs of appreciation around the table. Equally delicious were the aubergines and peppers sauteed in miso as well as the onighiri

To follow we sampled the grilled salmon with grated daikon, Kaisen salada (sashimi with salad), teriyaki chicken.and wa-fu steak. In fact the steak was so delicious, that we had to order 3 extra portions to avoid a chopstick fight from breaking out.  

If you can't find a table don't fret. You can have it packaged up and take it away with you! 




Via Amedei 5 20123 Milan