Identity Card - Carta d'identità

Identity Cards are issued or renewed at the Registrar offices of the Municipality of Milan (Anagrafe del Comune di Milano). Milan is divided into zones and each zone has a local Registrar office. There are a total of 9 zones. To find your nearest Registrar office go to www. ....... or go to the main Registrar office in via Larga 12. 

Required Documents

You will need to take the following with you: 

  • your expired Italian identity card (if you already have one);
  • 3 recent coloured passport photographs with a white background and bare head.

The cost of a new identity card is €5.42. 

Lost or Stolen Identity Cards 

You may need to re-issue your identity card if you have lost the original or it has been stolen. In both cases you will need to report the loss or theft to the police or carabinieri. Once you have done so, go to the Registrar offices with:  the police report, 3 passport photographs and an official document such as a passport or driving licence with a photo.   

Identity Card for foreigners 

Non-EU citizens must take the following documents to the Registrar offices: 

  • 3 passport photographs with a white background and bareheaded. 
  • an original and photocopy of your identity card or passport used to enter Italy. 
  • an original and photocopy of your valid permit to stay.


Identity cards are valid for ten years. If you are planning to travel to another EU country check the validity of your identity card as you can renew it 180 days before it expires. Foreigners need to check their Italian identity cards, as they are not usually valid for travel outside of Italy, you will probably need to travel using your passport. 

If you change your address or residency, please note that you do not have to have your identity card re-issued. 

Identity cards for under age children

Children under 3: identity cards for children under 3 are only valid for 3 years. Both parents will need to be present together with the child. You will also need 3 passport photographs of the child.  

Children under 18: identity cards for children under 18 are valid for 5 years. The child together with both parents must be present when making the application. You will also need 3 passport photographs of the child.  

For more information please go the following link on the  Comune di Milano website (inserire link).

Ufficio Anagrafe Comune di Milano, Via Largo 12, 20122 Milano.

Office hours - Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri - 8.30/13 - 14.30/15.30. Thursday 8.30/19. Saturday 8.30/11.30. 

Tel: 02 0202