Il Girotondo

Don't know what to do with all your old clothes that you no longer wear, or those of your kids who seem to have grown out of them almost immediately? Or you simply want to to change your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Well, go to Il Girotondo - Milan's largest second hand store! 

Il Giratondo not only takes any clothes that you no longer want on account as long as they are in good condition, but it also sells mens, womens, and kids clothes at bargain prices. You can find a large assortment of men's and women's second hand designer labels at 50% to 70% less. Il Girotondo also sells accessories, toys and children's paraphernalia 70% cheaper than new items. 

What are you waiting for? Il Giratondo also has a shop in Viale Conizugna, 19 (tel: 02 94394292)



Via Antonio Dugnani, 6 20144 Milan
02 437293