Il Piacere della Carne

In our never ending quest to find the best butcher in Milan, we came across Lorenzo Patera's shop on the outskirts of Brera. Lorenzo is one of the few young butchers in Milan as less and less youngsters move into this traditional profession; and to top it all Lorenzo butchers his own meat thereby guaranteeing the quality and freshness of his produce.


Not only does Lorenzo sell different cuts of meat but he also offers ready prepared dishes that you can simply cook at home, such as de-boned chicken thighs stuffed with ham, parmesan, breadcrumbs and minced pork. Simply delicious. If in doubt as how to cook anything, Lorenzo is always on hand with cooking tips and easy recipes. 

Also worth trying are the fresh pasta, cheeses, hams and other food products he has on sale. 

If Via Volta is out of your way or you don't want to pay the congestion charge, simply call him and arrange to have your meat delivered. Lorenzo is happy to accept cash or cheques on delivery. 

Via Volta, 12 Milan
02 29060321