Lov Organic

Lov Organic, famous for its organic teas, herbal teas and fruit flavoured water, has opened its' first boutique in Milan's culinary centre just round the corner from big names such as: Peck, Laduree', Pescheria Spadari and Michelin star restaurant - Cracco. 

Here you can discover all of Lov Organic's products, ask for tips regarding different herbal infusions and how to make them. If you are already a client, don't throw away your original tin as Lov Organic will sell you refills. Lov Organic has an enormous choice of teas, ranging from Japanese organic green teas such as Sencha and Genmaicha to South African Rooibos and Honeybush which are theine (or caffeine) free as well as herbal infusions made of spices, herbs and fruit. 

The modern decor is extremely attractive, with natural wooden furniture and LED lights which together with the coloured jars, wonderful packaging and sleek ceramic and wooden boxes make a trip to the store worthwhile!

Via Victor Hugo 3 20123 Milano
02 8900646