On 24 January 2013,  MUBA, the Children's Museum, opened its doors in Rotonda della Besana. Muba alla Rotonda will be the permanent centre and reference point for all the cultural and artistic projects being organised for children and families in this 1200 square metre space surrounded by a wonderful garden which is open to the general public. 

The events calendar envisages exhibitions as well as a wide range of workshops and projects aimed and encouraging the creativity of the museum's little visitors. 

The Museum is also home to the REMIDA cultural project, which was set-up in 1966 in Reggio Emilia and can now be found in 18 centres worldwide. Formerly it was at the Idroscalo. REMIDA is a new way to think about the environment, by allowing children to use discarded materials from industrial processes and transform them into precious, creative objects. Large boxes filled with various materials (paper, cardboard, ceramic, wood, cloth, plastic, rubber, metal, leather etc) are on offer for families and children to play with for one and a half hours and see what they can create.

MUBA also offers a number of services for families, such as holiday campuses and birthday parties where the birthday girl/boy can choose a specific workshop or visit the current exhibition to celebrate with his/her friends. 

Inside the Rotonda you will find a book shop which sells an assortment of books and toys, as well as the Rotonda Bistro' café which has a special menu for kids.

MUBA is for children aged 2 to 11 years old. We suggest that you book in advance as the number of visitors allowed entrance to the museum is limited.

For more information, please go to MUBA's website at 

Via Enrico Besana 12 20122 Milano
02 43980402