Unlike some Italian cities, Milan has never had a big street food scene: well not until recently. Pantura is another delicious addition to this recent Milanese street food craze. All you have to do is wait for a few minutes while your server toasts a slice of delicious Alta Mura bread, to which he will add mouth-watering toppings such as ripe tomatoes with olive oil and oregano on their own or with buffalo mozzerella or stracciatella. Or why not try Nouja (spicy spreadable salami) and stracciatella or ricotta and jam. To help wash down these delectable delights simply order a glass of wine, a beer, spritz or if you are feeling particularly virtuous a bottle of water. 

"Where can I find a Pantura cart?" you may ask. Well simply log on to Pantura's facebook page and they will tell you where they are in the city - The Colonne di San Lorenzo seems to be a particular favourite spot for Pantura. 

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