Pavè Gelati & Granite

Some say it's not easy to appreciate good ice-cream, that it depends on personal taste. Some people love their ice-cream rich and creamy, others prefer it light and not too sweet, others prefer fruit flavours... in our opinon, if you love good ice-cream you recognise it at first lick!

Pavè's ice-cream is exceptional! Many of you will have been to Pavè's flagship store in via Felice Casati: bar, coffee bar, bakery and cake store, offering homemade pastries and bread which are perfect any time of day. Now the owners, three thirty year olds, have opened an ice-cream parlour together with an old ice-cream maker friend. The result: delicious, light ice-cream (i.e. you can eat two of them in a row and not feel like you've over done it) and about ten classic flavours with a little twist or that use seasonal ingredients. We tried the 'sbrisolona' (Italian broken biscuit with nuts), 'tarte tatin' and 'pistacchio' (one of the best pistacchio ice-creams we have ever had). We also like the fact that they give you cream for free (not whipped cream but iced cream). Oh yes, then there is a host of sorbets and granitas (flavoured crushed ice) to try.

Pavè Gelati & Granite is in Via Cesare Battisti, a short walk from Piazza San Babila. The shop is small, but with Pavè's distinct style: a wooden counter with a row of cinema seats. Outside there is a small bench where you can sit and enjoy your ice-cream.

Try it and let us know what you think! 

Via Cesare Battisti 21 Milano
02 94383619