Permesso di Soggiorno - Permit to Stay

Non-EU citizens who intend to stay in Italy for more than three months are required to obtain a permit to stay ("permesso di soggiorno") within 8 days of arriving in Italy.


You need the following documents: -

  1. application form ("domanda di rilascio" or "domanda di rinnovo");
  2. valid passport or other travel document (photocopy and original) with a visa if required;
  3. Four identical and recent passport photographs;
  4. a €14.62 duty stamp (these can be obtained from most “Tabacchi” shops); and
  5. receipt of payment of €80-€200 to be paid at the Italian Post Office by means of a bollettino postale (ask the post office employees for the relevant bollettino as they are already filled out).

The permit to stay will expire when your visa expires. The validity of your permit to stay will vary according to your reason for being in Italy:

  1. up to two years for self-employed workers and employees with an inderminate employment contract:
  2. one year for people attending a recognised professional or educational course; and
  3. up to six or nine months for people with seasonal work. 


Permits to stay can be obtained from:

  1. the Municipality (i.e. “il Comune di Milano”) in Via Larga
  2. the “Patronati” (i.e. Catholic union);
  3. Immigration Office in the Prefettura (e.g. via Monforte);
  4. the Italian Post Office if using the Italian Post Office yellow kit (“le Poste Italiane”).

You can monitor the progress of your application through the Polizia di Stato website. 

NB: Non-EU citizens who have a valid permit to stay for more than five years can request an EU long term permit to stay ("permesso di soggiorno CE per soggiornanti di lungo periodo"). Applicants will be required to take an Italian language test. See the Ministero dell'Interno website for further information to make the necessary application.