Registering with a Doctor (GP) or Pediatrician

In order to use the numerous services offered by the local Health Service ("Azienda Sanitaria"), it is necessary to register with the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (Italian National Health Service) and chose a doctor and/or a pediatrician. The doctor (GP) will receive you in his surgery and if necessary visit you at your home; prescribe any medications, tests or specialist consultations; issue medical certificates to carry out any sport or join a gym (obligatory in Italy); write a letter to justify absence from work and give any vaccinations required by law.  

In order to register with the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale and to choose a doctor (GP) and/or pediatrian it is necessary to go a desk at Ufficio Scelta e Revoca del Medico di Medicina Generale o del Pediatra di Famiglia (Office to Choose or Change GP or Family Pediatrician). The procedure varies according to whether you are a resident in Milan, domiciled in Milan, an EU citizen or a non-EU citizen. 

Residents: you will need to take your Carta di Identità (ID card) or Passport and Codice Fiscale (Italian Fiscal Code) to the Ufficio Scelta e Revoca del Medico di Medicina Generale o del Pediatra di Famiglia (you may want to take a photocopy of your documents with you just in case). You will be registered immediately and it is free. The system will immediately send a notification to your doctor (GP) of choice or ,if you don't have a preference, the one assigned to you. The list of doctors in your area can be found under "trova medico" on the home page of ASL (, but make sure you check that they have a place on their register. Once you have registered, you will be given a provisional card which you can use until you receive the plastic Carta dei Servizi at your residential address by post within approximately 45 days. 

Domiciled in Milan: if you intend to stay in Milan for more than three months to work or study, you have the right to a doctor (GP) in Milan. The registration is valid for a year and can be renewed. If you are domiciled in Milan (Comune di Milano) you have to prove that you are here for a valid reason and provide appropriate documentation to support this. To assist you there are self-certification forms that can be downloaded from the ASL di Milano website, filled out and taken to your nearest ASL office with which you attest the reason for your stay in Milan. If you are resident in another part of Italy you will not be able to visit your doctor in your place of residence while registered temporarily in Milan. This service is free of charge and immediate upon registration at ASL.   

EU Citizens: EU citizens who wish to register with ASL must fill out the form modello s1 and take it to the ASL office in person or send it by post. Registration is immediate and free of charge.

Non-EU citizens: non-EU citizens must take with them a permit to stay or the request for renewal of their permit to stay to the nearest ASL office. The reason for which a permit to stay has been granted to a non-EU citizen will determine whether or not they have to pay for any health treatment they receive in Milan. Non-EU citizens will have to also submit a certificate that states what job they have and whether they are an employee or self-employed (for example: an employment contract, pay slip, registration at the Chamber of Commerce or Un-employment Office and a self certification certifying such registration. Non-EU citizens seeking political asylum will receive free health care (iscrizione obbligatoria) while students will have to pay a contribution of Euro 149.77 and children will have to pay Euro 219.49. 


To find your nearest ASL office and for further information regarding ASL please consult the Azienda Sanitaria Locale di Milano website at