Residency - Residenza

Residency can be obtained from your nearest Registrar offices (l'Ufficio Anagrafe). Please note that Milan is divided is into 9 zones for the purposes of Milanese public administration. In order to find your nearest office please go to the  sedi e servizi anagrafici del comune di Milano page of Otherwise, you can go the central offices of the Ufficio Anagrafe in  Via Larga 12 (02 020202).

Residency in Milan : Documents required 

In order to ask for residency in Milan, you will need to take the following documents with you to the Registrar offices:

  • a valid identity document (passport or identity card);
  • the completed application form to be found on the Comune di Milano  website (inserire link);
  • your driving licence (if you have one); 
  • Vehicle registration certificate (libretto di circolazione) if you own your car. 

How to make the application

You can make the application in person by presenting the application form and aforementioned documents to the appropriate desk at the Registrar offices.  If you are moving to Milan together with your family, only one member of the family who is over 18 needs to be present. However, they will need to take a copy, together with the original, of their identity card or passport. All members of the family who are over 18 will need to fill in the application form.

If you want to avoid going in person to the Registrar offices you can send the application form and documents by:

  • fax to  +39.0288460164
  • email to (make sure you put your APR code in the Subject matter) 
  • registered post (posta raccomandata) to the following address : Settore Servizi al Cittadino, via Larga 12, 20122 Milan. If you are moving from another Italian Municipality address the letter to Ufficio Residenze. If you are changing address within the same municipality (e.g. Milan), address your letter to the Ufficio Coordinamento Anagrafe.

Applications can be made on-line ONLY if: you have a certified digital signature; or the application form it is sent from a certified email address (PEC); or your signature is certified by a public official and a scanned copy is sent as an attachment.

Registration in the Public Register 

Once you have handed in or sent the application form, the Registrar will, within two working days, make the necessary entry in the Public Register. The Registrar will then check that you have all the necessary requisites to be registered in the Public Register (if a false declaration has been made you will be contacted by the relevant judiciary body). Please note that a public official will come to the address you stated in the application form to check that you are indeed living there. 

Residency in Milan for foreigners 

If you are an EU or non-EU citizen and are registering as a resident for the first time in Milan, you can request an appointment on-line with a public official through the Comune di Milano website (inserire link). 

EU citizens can request residency if they can fulfill one of the following requirements, (you will also need to have a valid identity document) :

  • you are an employee or self-employed  (you will need documentation to prove this)
  • you have sufficient funds to maintain yourself and your family so that you will not be a burden on the Italian State and you have private or national health insurance;
  • you are a student at a recognised institution;
  • you are accompanying or joining a member of your family who is also an EU citizen and who has the right to reside in Italy.

Non EU citizens must submit the following documents:

  • a photocopy and original identity document;
  • a photocopy and original permit to stay in Italy; and
  • a consulate declaration stating your personal details and those of your family members. 

Change of residents and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (motorizzazione)

Within 6 months of you making your application the Italian DVLA (motorizzazione) will send you a sticker which you must stick on the Vehicle Registration Certificate (libretto di circolazione) (and in some cases on your driver's licence).

Residency and TARSU (Rubbish collection tax)

Whilst changing your residency you can also hand in your TARSU application, which must be made each time you move into a new property and out of an old one  (unless your landlord pays it). You must also list any garages, attics, cellars (cantina), parking spaces that form part of the property.  You will need the following documents:   

  • land registry details (dati catastali)
  • net floor area of the property in square metres (superficie calpestabile)
  • registered use of the property (residential or commercial)
  • Tax code

You will find the land registry details on the purchase deed of the property, rental agreement or the utility bills. Otherwise you can carry out a land registry search (visure catastali) at the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Once you have got your residency in Milan, you are eligible to apply for the AREA C discounts (Milanese congestion charge). See the following link or consult our section on AREA C.