Splendini & Co.

Hooray for splendid Splendini & Co. Finally gluten intollerant people can enjoy freshly prepared cakes, biscuits, meringues, muffins, petit fours, semifreddo desserts etc. without having to worry.

Why not try Splendini's scrumptuous pear and chocolate cake or their delicious fresh fruit and custard cream flan? Other big favourites are Splendini's Sacher torte, cheese cake and orange cake.

Another great thing about Splendini & Co. is that most of the products are lactose free including the custard cream!

Splendini & Co.'s friendly staff are also happy to make any cake you like for any occasion and will deliver it to your door whether in Milan or out in the suburbs.

Via Pietro Custodi, 1 20136 Milan
02 87066449