Triennale Milano

La Triennale di Milano was opened in Monza in 1923 and ten years later it moved to its current location in Milan, which was purpose built. 

Triennale is an international cultural institution that holds architectural, design, art, cinema, fashion, communications and business conventions, exhibitions and events. It also organises high profile Italian and international design, architectural, modern art and fashion exhibitions, such as: Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Alberto Burri, Giorgio Armani, Renzo Piano, Giò Ponti.

The Triennale Milano is also a museum. The first floor of this great building is home to the Triennale Design Museum which was opened in 2007 by the Municipality of Milan. It is the first Italian design museum and every year it hosts an exhibition with a particular theme, offering visitors the chance to discover the excellence of Italian design.

The Triennale also prides itself on being a centre of ideas, not just for art connoisseurs, but also students, professionals, adoloscents and even children; where experimental and interactive activities are part of cultural projects.  propone anche come laboratorio di idee che si rivolge non solo agli appassionati, a studenti e professionisti, ma anche ai bambini e a i ragazzi con attività sperimentali e interattive dedicate alla cultura del progetto. 

Visitors are also invited to further their study in the specialist art, design and architectural Bookstore or the Library (la Biblioteca del Progetto con il Centro Documentazione del Touring Club Italiano), or visit the Triennale Design Cafè which overlooks the garden and boasts fifty different chairs all of which have been designed by famous designers.

Why not take advantage of the T-Friends scheme which allows cardholders of the T-Friends Card to take part in all of the events organised by the Triennale, such as openings and exhibitions with discounted ticket prices, as well as receive a newsletter and have access to the members' part of their website etc.



Viale Emilio Alemagna 6 20121 Milano
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