Azienda Agricola Paola Finetti

Situated on the hills above Volpedo, birthplace of the artist Giuseppe Pellizza, Paola Finetti's farm is about 80 km from Milan.The farm covers approximately 9 hectars of hillside where the chickens and pigs can roam freely and where Paola and Alberto grow apricots and figs as well as cereals and pulses used to feed the animals. All the fields and crops are certified as being organic by the ICEA, while the animals are raised using organic farming methods - although they are not actually certified as being such. 

Chickens are sold as a whole, in halves or pieces, although you have to buy the whole chicken. Bear in mind that the chickens are so fresh that you will need to let the meat rest for three days before you cook them. The pork is sold in 5kg vacuum packs of assorted cuts which (usually) include shoulder and leg cuts for roasting, chops, ribs, "coppa" cuts complete with bone, slices of "lonza". You can also add pork shins or fillet to your packs on request.  Paola and Alberto also sell salami, pancetta, guanciale,  lard and delicious, fresh eggs.

Currently products are sold through GAS's (Gruppo Acquisto Solidali) or direct to consumers. Alberto can deliver your order direct to your door, although you will need to arrange dates and times with Paola by email. 

Paola and Alberto are happy for you to go along and visit their farm. Just send them an email in advance!

You will not be disappointed, the meat is truly delicious and you really can taste the difference!


Strada Cascinetta, 9 15059 Volpedo (AL)
340 3018233 3383682045