This lovely shop sells a selection of clothes and accessories for both babies and young children. It is impossible not to stop in front of the shop window which displays an array of delightful and original ideas for little ones. The clothes don't have logos and are hand-made. You can also pick-up accessories, ornaments, toys, cribs and cots all of which can be tailored to your look and made-to-measure. You can also rent cribs, should you wish to do so.  Teo also organises Baby Showers together with California Bakery.   
Corso Concordia 9 20129 Milan
02 76003418
Set in beautiful premises orginally built in 1892, Clorofilla offers children under 6 years old the possibility to learn about the world through play, while experiencing the natural world in the roof garden, hands-on vegetable garden and green house. Children can also experience the elements through the glass ceiling which covers Clorofilla's 2000m2 of light airy open spaces.Clorofilla also has an indoor swimming pool for pupils and an in-house kitchen with an organic menu. English mother tongue teachers work closely together with their Italian counterparts to provide children with a bilingual programme. Swimming courses are also available for non-pupils aged 8 months to 6 years as well as for pregnant women. New afterschool activities  are also being provided such as African dance lessons with rhythm and movment. Contact Clorofilla for further details. Clorofilla also rents out its' swimming pool for children parties. 
Via Cesare da Sesto, 5 20123 Milan
02 58110091
Ludum has recently re-organised and added yet more jewels to its crown. Ludum is now divided into Ludum Educational, Ludum After School and Ludum Adulita' (acqua gym courses).Ludum Educational offers a bilingual: Nursery School; Preschool and Elementary School (opening September 2013).The Nursery School is for children aged 3 to 36 months and combines English and Italian so that children have a natural and spontaneous introduction to the English language. Ludum ensures that there an even number of both Italian and English mother tongue teachers.The Preschool is for children aged 3 to 6 years old and encourages the Mediterranean culture, creativity and innovation in a bilingual environment.September 2013 will see the opening of Ludum's bilingual Elementary School where subjects will be taught in either English (e.g. Maths) or Italian (e.g. History and Geography). Ludum After School offers swimming courses for mother and babies aged 3 to 36 months as well as older children. Ludum also gives the opportunity for anyone to book a 30 minute slot in the pool on Sunday afternoons. Ludum After School also organises the Ludum English Club where children can spend the afternoon learning English; Parent and Child Club and Creative Laboratories for children.Ludum also rents out its swimming pool for parties as well as its large indoor play area complete with slides, ramps and tunnels. The play area can get very noisy but children love it. My sons are particularly lively so I wouldn’t let them go until they were 4 years old for fear of them hurting themselves.
Via Pietrasanta, 14 20141 Milan
02 56816429
Miele's 1500m2 spacious and colourful premises offer children and parents alike a wonderful place to play and relax together, seven days a week. Miele has an indoor play area, complete with slides, coloured balls, tubes, tricycles and pedal cars, as well as two swimming pools, 20metres and 10 metres, which are used for children and baby swimming courses or private parties. Parents can enjoy a snack, drink or lunch at the bar while they are waiting. Miele also has an amazing party event room with black and white murals which can be rented for children's or adult's parties or events.  
Via Porri Lambertenghi, 12 20159 Milan
02 36515195
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