Every Thursday you can watch undubbed films in English at Cinema Mexico Rocky Horror Picture Show House. For film showings and times please refer to the Sounds&Motion Pictures section on Cinema Mexico's website. Cinema Mexico is famous for being home to the Rocky Horror Show fan club and the film is still shown here. if you want to relive the dream, then this is where you need to go. 
Via Savona, 57
02 48951802
Every Monday you can watch undubbed English language films at the Anteo Spazio Cinema. For film showings and times please look on the website indicated and click on Anteo Spazio Cinema/Programmazione/lunedi and look for the film which is a "Sound & Motion Picture" film. 
Via Milazzo, 9 20121 Milan
02 6597732
Every Tuesday Arcobaleno shows undubbed films in their original language. For choice of films and showing times please consult the website and look under "Eventi" - "Original Version". 
Viale Tunisia, 11 20124 Milan
02 29406054
One of Milan's cinemas can finally boast a VIP private cinema. The Space Odeon cinema in the heart of Milan, has recently been renovated and has created a small screen cinema with only thirty-two white leather, reclining Poltrona Frau seats which are widely spaced out and have a perfect view of the screen.  Before the two evening showings (19.30 and 22.00) you can enjoy Happy Hour on Cassina sofas in a room next door. Tickets costs €20 and include the cost of the ticket, happy hour (a drink and buffet) and a tub of popcorn. It is also possible to rent the whole cinema whether for a children's party, a group night out with friends or an extravagant, romantic evening for two. 
Via Santa Redegonda 8 20121 Milano
892 111
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