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A must for sugaraholics, Sugar is located not far from Cadorna in the signorile via Vicenzo Monti. Stools are conveniently placed in the window for clients who want to enjoy a delicious breakfast of Illy coffee and assorted croissants or stop for afternoon tea and mignon cakes and watch the world walk-by. If space is limited you can always sit at one of the tables placed on the pavement outside. Sugar also sells to die for cakes, flans and pies as well as wonderful chocolate covered caramelised citrus fruits and chocolates. Sugar will also arrange these chocolate delights in sugar spun baskets which make wonderful table centre pieces or dinner party gifts. At Christmas you will not be able to resist Sugar's chocolate Christmas trees which come in various sizes and with different decorations. A must is the chocolate lined croccantino basket filled with crema pasticciera (custard cream)  and fresh fruit which on request can be caramalised or covered in chocolate. 
Via Vincenzo Monti, 26 20123 Milan
02 4815376
[English version to follow shortly] Oggi vi raccontiamo il nostro brunch da Les Pommes, piccolo bistrot aperto dalle 12 fino alle 24  in zona Isola, l'area di Milano tanto in voga attualmente e recentemente celebrata con un articolo "ad hoc" dal New York Times! Tutta questa attenzione sul quartiere Isola a noi ricorda un pò il clamore che si era creato una decina di anni fa su un'altra zona di Milano un pò periferica, parliamo di via Savona e dintorni. I riflettori su via Savona si sono spenti, anche se rimangono magnifici locali ed ottimi ristoranti.Che dire quindi di questo grazioso bistrot? All'ombra dei grattacieli di ultima costruzione, Les Pommes è uno dei tanti locali aperti recentemente, che creano un'atmosfera molto intima, accanto alle vecchie botteghe artigianali da sempre presenti in questa zona.Il locale è piccolino, un pò buio per i nostri gusti (di sera sicuramente è più apprezzato), l'atmosfera è raffinata, l'arredamento è ricercato, con bellissime librerie a giorno dai profili in ottone, arricchite di cubotti in legno colorati. I tavoli sono forse un pò vicini e creano molta intimità. Sicuramente non è consigliato per gruppi numerosi.Il brunch è organizzato solo la domenica, ogni piatto è servito con una spremuta d'arancia, caffè americano, pane e marmellata ed una pannocchia grigliata. Si può poi scegliere tra diverse portate principali che vanno dall'hamburger alle uova trapazzate, ai pancakes, al salmone.Gli altri giorni il pranzo e la cena sono a la carte, con un menù che si adatta alla stagione in corso, ma diciamo che le insalate, i sandwich, i burger non mancano mai. Per la cena si trovano proposte più delicate di carne e pesce, oltre a primi con pasta fatta a mano. Per il dopocena, ci sono degli ottimi cocktails, tra i quali spicca il Les Pommes d'or, molto chic già dal nome!A noi è piaciuto molto sia il brunch che il pranzo infrasettimanale, quindi lo consigliamo sicuramente con la raccomandazione di ricordarsi di dare un colpo di telefono in anticipo, se si va appositamente. Se invece siete casualmente in zona, fate un salto, magari siete fortunati e trovate un tavolino libero. 
Via Pastrengo 7 Milano
02 87074765
Bagni Misteriosi offers a welcome respite from the scorching summer heat. Situated a stone's throw away from Porta Romana, this stunning venue allows you to kick back and relax. Whether you splash around in one of the two pools, sunbathe on the floating platform, lounge around on one of the white hammocks or enjoy lunch or an aperatif at the bar; you can't go wrong. Originally built in the 1930s and famous for its freezing cold water, this public pool underwent huge restoration work and was re-opened in 2016 thanks to the generosity of patrons of the Teatro Parenti situated in the grounds. The end result is something quite spectacular. There are various price formulas depending on the time of day you enter or season. The prices for summer 2017 are as follows: Monday to Friday - 10.00 to 14.00; Adult 7 €, Child 5 €Wednesday "Large" - 7.30 to 14.00; Adult 15 €, Child 12 €Wednesday "early morning";  7.30 to 10.00; Adult 10 €, Child 8 €Lunchtimes: 12.30 to 14.30; Entrance fee 5 €Afternoons: 14.00 to 18.00; Adult 7 €, Child 5 €Thursday "large": 14.00 to 22.00; Adult 15 €, Child 12 €Thursday evenings: 18.30 to 22.00; Adult 10 €, Child 8 €Day Pass: Mondays to Fridays: 10.00 to 18.00; Adult 12 €, Child 9 €Saturdays and Sundays: Day Pass: 10.00 to 18.00; Adult 14 €, Child 10 €Afternoon: 14.00 to 18.00; Adult 10 €, Child 8 €Bagni MIsteriosi also organises events all year round and the small paddling pool is converted into an ice rink during the winter months. Please see the website for more details.   
Via Carlo Botta, 18 20135 Milan
02 8973 1800
Ammu: Made in Sicily. Here you can find a selection of Sicily's finest delicacies ready to eat in or take-away. Deliciously crisp, deep fried dough tubes prepared with a pinch of cacao in Catania according to an old aristocratic family recipe, are lovingly filled (while you wait) with a creamy ricotta filling and a sprinkling of chocolate chips, ground pistachio or caramelised oranges. Refreshing granitas prepared according to Acireale tradition: pistachio, almond, coffee, chocolate, mulberry, lemon, mandarin orange, strawberry, peach and figs. Traditional cassata of various dimensions as well as cassata al forno (flans filled with ricotta and chocolate chips) and torta sette veli (7 sumptuous layers of chocolate, hazelnut and croccantina); fragrant biscuits and sbrisolata made with pistachio flour. If sugar is not your thing, then why not try the large selection of traditional Southern condiments, preserves, sauces, pesto, oil, coffee, wine, beer, spririts, soft drinks, salt and spices on sale in store and on-line at Ammu's huge success at EXPO 2015, they set up their first shop in Corso Magenta 32, which was swiftly followed by their store in Corso Garibaldi, 84.  
Corso di Porta Romana 44 Milano
388 756 31 40
Looking for somewhere quiet to sit? Want to immerse yourself in culture but also watch the world go by while either sipping a coffee, nibbling a sandwich or enjoying an aperitif  (with the added bonus of free wifi)? Then, Verso is the place for you!This small independent bookstore offers a wonderful selection of novels by mainstream and independent publishers, as well as a delightful selection of reference books, stationery, comics and graphic novels laid out around the store amongst tables, armchairs and chairs. Verso has set aside a large room at the back of the store, lined from floor to ceiling with children's books, making it the perfect oasis for little ones to leaf through the pages of a book, immerse themselves in storytelling or take part in one of the workshops Verso organises on a regular basis.  Most works are in Italian but Verso also has a number of titles in the English language. One of our favourite things about Verso is that they remove the glass store front during the summer months, so clients get to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Milan's hipster centre: Ticinese and Colonne di San Lorenzo. Verso is open Mondays 13.00 to 21.00; Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays 10.00 to 21.00; Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10.00 to 24.00. 
Corso di Porta Ticinese, 40 20123 Milan
02 8375648
Via Salasco might strike you as an odd location for a trendy florist cum restaurant cum coffee shop, but as soon as you walk through the door you can understand why the owner Rosalba Piccini fell in love with it. This large space is artfully divided so that it is both versatile and spacious yet incredibly intimate. Vases brimming with flowers; plants; cacti; bulbs; flower arrangements; kokedama; candles; plant pots and containers as well as clothing and home accessories adorn every available surface: all of which are for sale. You could quite easily mistake Potafiori for a botanist's front room (one with exquisite taste and who has a thing for hanging coloured garments from the ceiling). We particulary like Potafiori's ingenious 'flower sushi': a selection of freshly cut flowers wrapped in William Morris fabric which make excellent table centre pieces or dinner party gifts.  The day at Potafiori starts at 9am with a delicious breakfast of pastries from Cuki and Longoni, organic teas, coffees, juices as well as bread and jam, followed by lunch served from 12.30 to 14.30 (Potavolo), then afternoon tea and aperativo culminating with dinner. The evening we went to Potafiori for dinner we enjoyed a delicious starter of Salmon tartar with avocado, philadelphia, lime and filo pastry, followed by casoncelli (stuffed pasta) with bacon, butter, parmesan and sage, then braised pork cheek with ginger, mashed potato, bay leaf and shallots. While our dinner companions opted for the Steak tartar with roasted dates, rocket and parmesan as well as the grilled fish with spinach and a citrus sauce. The highlight of the evening, however, was when Rosalba burst into song and treated us to a couple of MIna songs. For those of you who don't know, Rosalba is a jazz singer who used to sing at the famous Blue Note jazz club.  Rosalba also holds 'Potafiori' flower arranging work shops on Saturday afternoons. For more details contact Potafiori directly.In case you were wondering if you were in the right street, just look out for trees, shrubs and wicker baskets full of seasonal plants that line the pavement. 
Via Salasco, 17 Milan
02 87065930
Biosserì is a restaurant, delicatessan, coffee shop, ice-cream and yoghurt parlour and pizzeria all rolled into one together with the magic word "organic" or "bio"! Thanks to its partnership with Naura Sì - the Italian organic supermarket chain - Biosserì has opened the first organic restaurant in Milan after its success in Palermo.The owners and masterminds behind this project have taken heed of people's concerns about the environment and the increased demand for environmentally friendly products, using Naura Sì's products to prepare the dishes proposed by Biosserì. Even the the paint used on the walls, the cleaning detergents, take-away packaging and the paper on which the menus are printed are environmentally friendly.As for the menù: there is a wide selection to satisfy all tastes. You may choose from vegan dishes, raw fish or meat, soups, plates of cheese and cooked meats, pizza, rice of every type, salads etc.In addition to lunch and dinner, Biosserì offers Sunday brunch as well as delicious aperatifs with smoothies, artisinal beer, organic wine etc. Breakfast offers a selection of coffees, fresh juices, vitamin packed smoothies, croissants, cakes and tarts (using different types of flour), the choice is endlessWi-fi is free and there is a lounge area surrounded by plants where you can read the paper, as well as areas for family meals or more intimate ones. Biosserì offers take-away through "Deliveroo" What can we say? We love it!
Via Fatebenefratelli 2 Milano
02 89071052
Kitchen A-more or Kitchen at more? However, you want to pronouce it, it was love at first sight!We found it by chance, while wandering down viale Piave... a beautifully cared for external area with wrought iron tables, green plants and pink flowers that catch your eye before you get to the shop front and entice you to enter. The internal decor is warm and inviting with mix and match vintage pieces of furniture (which we really like), background music and a relaxing atmosphere that makes you want to pull up a seat.You can stop here for breakfast, lunch or an early evening cocktail; the menu offers a wide selection of dishes with interesting ingredients, perfect for club sandwich loversWhat really caught our attention was the extremely pleasant staff: armed with a smile they are happy to exchange a few words to brighten your day (something that is becoming exceedingly rare). 
Viale Piave 6 20121 Milan
02 36585445
If you are near Piazza Gae Aulenti make sure you go down via De Cristoforis off of Corso Como and pay a visit to Zàini: the perfect place to indulge yourself and have a coffee break! On these premises almost a century ago Luigi Zàini opened his chocolate factory and Zàini has carried on the tradition.The bar is hidden away and not easy to find, but once you discover it you won't forget it easily! Despite being elegant and traditional, the bar is extremely inviting with an intimate atmosphere, similar to a Viennese or Parisian bistrot...On walking in customers are welcomed by a huge book case containing every conceivable delicacy both sweet and savoury with a  bar counter and stools positioned in front. The back room is host to a large kitchen used by Zàini for cooking and cocktail courses, where you can learn how to make delicious cakes, savoury snacks and even bread (including natural yeast).Where ever you look there are different coloured and flavoured chocolates, sweets, biscuits and gifts all begging to be savoured and bought! The chocolate is to die for, as are the different coloured wrappers: each type of chocolate has its own wrapper. We just had to buy the gold bar, the brown 70% cacao bar as well as the purple, lilac and blue bar made with milk chocolate and salt!It's the perfect place for those of you with a sweet tooth or who need to buy an elegant gift! 
Via de Cristoforis 5 Milano
02 694914449
[English version to follow shortly] Finalmente siamo andate a fare una visita alla Fondazione Prada, il nuovo spazio (dopo quello di Venezia) voluto da Miuccia Prada e Patrizio Bertelli, dedicato all'arte contemporanea, all'architettura, al cinema e alla danza.La Fondazione sorge negli spazi di una vecchia distilleria dei primi del 900 in una zona un pò decentrata, ma facilmente raggiungibile in macchina o con i mezzi pubblici. Il nuovo spazio ha la particolarità di far convivere gli edifici esistenti, sapientemente recuperati, ma innovati nelle forme con tre di nuova costruzione il Cinema, il Podium e la Torre, quest'ultima ancora in fase di completamento. Il risultato è una bellissima area di 19.000 mq2 in cui girovagare ammirando gli eleganti edifici e la pluralità di ambienti, perdersi alla scoperta di grandi opere, proposte e suggestioni, rilassarsi nei vari cortili che collegano tra di loro gli edifici. La Fondazione ospita installazioni permanenti pensate e realizzate specificamente per gli spazi dove sono esposte. Troviamo le opere di Robert Gober e Louise Bourgeois nell'edificio Haunted House (edificio di quattro piani esternamente rivestito di uno strato di foglia d'oro), con accesso limitato e solo su prenotazione sul posto,  l'opera Processo Grottesco di Thomas Demand, riproduzione 3D in cartone di una grotta dell'Isola di Maiorca e la bellissima mostra di John Baldessari dal titolo "John Baldessari. The Giacometti Variation. Si tratta di un omaggio a Giacometti, con colossali figure (sono alte quattro metri e mezzo) ispirate alle esili donne del grande scultore svizzero, ma dalle proporzioni ancora più allungate, vestite di abiti disegnati dallo stesso Baldessari che danno vita ad una sorta di sfilata di moda.Nella grande sala dell'ala nord troviamo pezzi della collezione privata dei coniugi Prada; la sala grande è sicuramente quella più notevole, con tantissimi lavori dei più noti e quotati artisti italiani ed internazionali che vanno dagli anni 60 del 900 ad oggi, da Fontana, alla Accardi, Castellani, Tancredi, Koons, appesi uno di fianco all'altro sulle tre gigantesche pareti.Non poteva mancare Damien Hirst (sempre discutibile), con la sua originale installazione dal titolo Lost Love, una vasca cubica piena di pesci vivi con dentro un lettino ambulatoriale e altri oggetti femminili e chirurgici. Diciamo che se non si è esperti, una guida è necessaria, anche perchè nessuna delle opere esposte è supportata da testi a lato che aiutano nella comprensione; in alternativa segnaliamo la disponibilità dei giovani in divisa rigorosamente scura che  che vigilano le opere d'arte, ma sono in grado di dare informazioni sulle medesime ai visitatori più curiosi, essendo laureati o studenti di beni culturali, archeologia, storia dell'arte. Molto piacevole la pausa al Bar Luce, caffè dal gusto retrò, ideato dal regista Wes Anderson (per chi l'ha visto è quello di Grand Hotel Budapest) che rende omaggio ad uno dei simboli di Milano, la Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, riprodotta nelle decorazioni di pareti e soffitti.Prada ha pensato anche ai bambini con il progetto Accademia dei Bambini, area dedicata al gioco, alla creatività e all'apprendimento con laboratori a tema che si tengono nel weekend.  Sicuramente un luogo da visitare con mente aperta, senza pregiudizi e senza schemi tradizionali!    
Largo Isarco 2 20135 Milano
02 54670515


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