Need to rest your feet while shopping at the Rinascente? Then stop off at the Corallo Lobster Bar on the seventh floor of the Rinascente Food Hall: the first Italian lobster bar.Decorated in a Mediterranean style, the restaurant is colourful, cheerful and sunny. The walls are covered in Solimene ceramics with their beautiful lemons that bring to mind the Amalfi coast. The colours are predominantly blue, yellow and white, while the kitchen is open plan.This restaurant mixes both American and Mediterranean cultures. Diners can try 5 different types of lobster to cater for all tastes: Assolo, with pasta, in a sandwich, with a burger or in a salad. Try the steamed lobster (Assolo): a whole lobster served with a Sorrento citrus sauce, fries and a gourmet salad. Simply delicious! Or the Roll, which is a typical New York sandwich. The lobster pasta is also served with rustic Gragnano linguine; while the burger is traditional Surf n' Turf. Salad wise we would recommend the Catalan style lobster with tomatoes, red onions, celery, potatoes and toasted bread.We really like Corallo Lobster Bar, especially as it's a little different. Currently the restaurant is only a little corner so we suggest you avoid the rush hour between 1 and 2pm unless you have a reservation. 
Food hall piano 7 la Rinascente Piazza Duomo Milano
02 8852460
The Mercato del Duomo offers four floors of gastronomic delights and is yet another addition to the list of food concept stores opening up in Milan. Behind the Mercato del Duomo is Autogrill; which has taken to heart the philosophy of EXPO 2015: "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" and taken this opportunity to celebrate Italian food, starting with its raw materials, their processing, the final product and the sale of the final product.  Designed by Michele De Lucchi,  with insight from the Universita' di Scienze Gastronomiche, this space has been completely restructured in a minimalist style. The motorway food image has been replaced by pale colour palette and wood. In the centre of the store is an old bronze olive tree by Adam Lowe while there are various information touch points dotted around the store.Customers can access the Mercato del Duomo through the historic Motta coffee bar which has returned after 17 years to the place where its story started.  When climbing the long escalator to the Mercato you can admire the view of Piazza Duomo through the glass walls. At the top you will find a reproduction of typical Italian local market with different stalls selling meat, bread, cakes, fruit, vegetables, eggs etc. For those of you that want to stop for something to eat there is a Bistrot: two floors of different corners such as the Griglia, where you can have different cuts of meat freshly grilled, or Ovobar which serves different egg dishes and the Caffetteria for real Neopolitan coffee connoisseurs.On the top floor of the building is the Terrazza Aperol, which is a great place for a light lunch or a traditional Milanese aperatif overlooking the Duomo. Here orange reigns! The real pièce de résistance though is the restaurant workshop run by award winning chef  Niko Romito, where the ideas and receipes of young chefs trained by Niko Romito are swapped.As you go back down you can find a Guzzini temporary store and the historic Feltrinelli is still on the lower ground floor. What do we think of the Mercato del Duomo? Well it will probably just be a place where the Milanese go to have a quick look around (turning their noses up at the prices), however, its greatest value is what it represents: a celebration of Italian food, Italian gastronomic products, the Italian culinary tradition and its importance in the world today.  We hope that thanks to its central location and its architectural beauty that the Mercato del Duomo will become a "place to go" for all international food lovers. 
Piazza Duomo 20122 Milano
Wondered what those huge metal silos are doing in Piazza San Marco? Well read on to find out. This unusual and inspiring installation was designed by Mario Nanni, the brainchild behind the well-known lighting company - Viabizzuno - for Milano Design Week. It has been so popular that Viabizzuno has extended its run to coincide with the duration of EXPO. The installation is comprised of 7 different, interconnected silos that represent: earth, air, light bulbs, the sun, the moon, water and fire. Each silo is artfully decorated using Viabizzuno's fabulous lights together with other elements creating an amazing sensory effect. Our kids spent ages running through the silos, soaking up the atmosphere as well as the water that pours down from the water installation.  They had a whale of a time while we managed to choose some new lights for our home with the help of the light technicians in Viabizzuno's showroom next door. A win-win situation for all! 
Piazza San Marco Via Solferino 18 20121 Milan
02 29002382
High above Milan overlooking Parco Sempione with a clear view of the Unicredit building in the distance, is Osteria con Vista at the Triennale - Milan's Contemporary Art Museum. This amazing restaurant located on the roof of the Triennale is a wonderous display of glass, wood, light and shade. Modern, sleek, with Central Park views and West Coast inspired decor, Osteria con Vista is a 'must' for lunch, dinner, an aperatif or Sunday brunch with friends and/or family. However, don't be fooled; getting a reservation can be almost as difficult as getting one at a top restaurant in London, especially during the weekend in the warmer months. As you walk into this glass walled restaurant you are greeted by a plethora of aromatic herbs which, along with wild grasses, form a wonderful backdrop to this elegant restaurant. During the warm weather the glass walls are opened up to allow guests to dine outside on the terrace, and a 400m2  awning is used to protect guests from the sun during the day and removed at night to allow them to gaze at the stars. If you don't want to stay for dinner why not simply sample one of Luis Hidalgo's famous cocktails and watch the sunset. Not only is the location unique, but the food is also delicious. The restaurant is run by Ugo Fava, whose aim was to recreate the 'osteria' concept of simple traditional Italian dishes and have Michelin star Chef Stefano Cerveni artfully give them a contemporary twist. Something the pair have expertly managed to carry off with mouthwatering success! The Osteria con Vista offers a great selection of vegetarian, meat and fish dishes as well as desserts, although the lunch menu offers a more limited choice (and only two desserts). Osteria con Vista also caters for little ones and offers tasty morsels that all children love especially for Sunday brunch. Parents will also be pleased that the restaurant also offers baby changing facilities, although you have to walk down several flights of stairs to access them. Osteria con Vista is open Mondays to Sundays from 11.30am to 12.30am.
Viale Alemagna, 6 Milano
02 36644340
Dread taking your child for a haircut? Well thanks to Tatì, you can kiss goodbye to the days when you used to drag a screaming child to the hairdressers or restrain them while they wriggled in your arms in an attempt to flee from a bemused looking hairdresser. Tatì is every child's dream. Hairdresser chairs have been replaced with airplanes and cars to make each haircut a childhood adventure.There is also a small beauty bar for little princesses to have a mini manicure or mini pedicure just like their mammas. Obviously all the nail varnishes used are water based and strictly organic!Tatì also organises beauty parties for little ones: a blow-dry, manicure, pedicure and alchol free bubbles make a perfect birthday treat for your little treasures.So as not to forget those poor mothers, every Wednesday and Thursday from 7pm to 9pm, Tatì offers mothers a cut, blow-dry, manicure and/or pedicure (with OPI varnishes) and a ayurvedic scalp massage as well as a glass of bubbles. Tatì also sells children's clothes, accessories and carefully selected foreign and Italian books and games. Tatì is a open every day including Sundays! What are you waiting for?
Via Orti, 35 Milan
02 36758115
The Orto Botanico di Brera (Brera Botanical Garden) is probably one of the best kept secrets in Milan, to the extent that no-one knows it exists or even if they have heard of it, it's simply slipped their mind.This little green oasis in the heart of Milan, next door to the exclusive Bulgari hotel, is truly a little gem. Before you get too excited however, it's not Kew Gardens - the English mecca for all things green and plantlike; the Orto Botanico does, however, have a fabulous old wisteria covered in blossom during spring as well as two ginko biloba trees which are amongst the oldest in Europe. This spring, "Be Open" foundation has chosen this wonderful location for its exhibition "The Garden of Wonders - a Journey Through Scents" whose central theme is perfume.  On until 24th May, 'A Journey Through Scents' narrates the history of perfume as well as its production and ingredients as they have evolved over time. This mini museum submerged in semi darkness concentrates on the artisanal nature of perfume, exhibiting large glass flasks and bottles as well as giant atomisers which ingeniously release bursts of different scents without creating a sickly combination. On the far side of the garden the 'Houses of Wonder' - eight 'casette'  have been created by various designers to revive and interpret long-forgotten perfume brands. Among the designers looking back at defunct luxury labels are Tord Boontje, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Dimore Studio, Front, Jaime Hayon, Piero Lissoni, Jean-Marie Massaud and Nendo. For the the third and final part of the project, 'A Vision in a Box',  a golden cube-like display holds the bottles of ten designers who were asked to take on the challenge of imagining bottles for the fragrance of the future.The Garden of Wonders will be open from 10am to 10pm until 24 May. For those of you who are interested in visiting the Orto Botanico, it is divided into three sections: two of which have narrow flower-beds with a water basin at the centre while the third houses a lawn surrounded by trees. At the north side of the garden there used to be a greenhouse which was destroyed and rebuilt as a classroom of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. The garden is currently home to several hundred species and you can wander along the beds and admire medicinal plants, sages, spring bulbs, vegetables, perennials and peonies as well as the golden Laviani animal statues dotted around the garden.  
Via Fratelli Gabba, 10 20121 Milan
02 50314683/80
Zara Home has just re-opened after its recent restyling which has taken several months! Zara Home has not only changed its look, but has also greatly increased in size making it the largest Zara Home flagship store in the world! It still covers two floors but its look is completely different with a greater attention to detail; gold lettering with Zara Home's logo covers the wall at the back of the store, while the store is divided into different "corners" that display Zara Home's products by colour, materials and different styles. Bedding, tableware, bathroom accessories, cushions, plates, glasses, cutlery etc - basically anything and everything you need to furnish your home - are on sale at great prices. The children's home department is really great and there are also clothes on sale for really little ones. Amongst the novelties there is also the "Speciale Milano" collection on sale which celebrates the elegance and style of our adopted city!As always with Zara, its almost impossible to leave the store empty handed!! 
Piazza San Babila 5 20122 Milano
02 76022740
Clori is yet another jewel in the crown of the beautiful piazza Sant' Eustorgio. Gone are the dealers, hoodies and whinos and in their wake a series of great bars and shops have opened up in this neighbourhood, especially since it was made a quasi pedestrian area with limited vehicle access.Clori has a delightful selection of flowers and plants displayed in an array of vintage suitcases, crates, baskets and buckets. Even more tempting are the wonderful candles and room fragrances on offer. We love the wine inspired candles made from soya wax in recycled bottles and the lemon grass diffuser. Clori also sells clothing accessories and knick nacks for the home which also make great presents. 
Via Santa Croce, 21 20122 Milan
338 9824421
The AC72 Luna Rossa catameran has been moved from its base in Cagliari to the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia here in Milan. Luna Rossa has been reassembled and suspended 5 metres up in the air in the Air and Naval section (Aeronavale) for all to see and admire from the ground. Only this close up can you really appreciate the ability and skill of the the team that sails this amazing flying machine, as well as the sheer physical strength needed by its crew to simply stay on board. Luna Rossa's size is very impressive when you consider the size of its gennaker - 320 mq2, the height of the ala - 40 metres - and the length of the two scafi a specchio 22 metres. Even more amazing is the speed it can reach - 42 knots - which enables it to fly across the water!Over the coming months an interactive exhibition will be set up to explain the complexity of this vessel, its components and the story behind the American's Cup and Luna Rossa.Luna Rossa will remain on display until 2017 when it will be put back in action to sail in the 35th America's Cup in the Bermuda Islands. 
Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Via San Vittore 21 Milano
02 485551
Pan Brioche has given a new lease of life to the traditional Milanese clothing store Ravizza, famous for its hunting, shooting and fishing clothing and accessories. Half of this historic store has been converted into a fantastic coffee bar with seating both indoors and outdoors underneath the loggia which is heated during the colder months. The great thing about Pan Brioche is the quality and selection of Sicilian inspired street food that is made and prepared on the premises in the open-planned kitchen - including the bread, croissants, muffins, desserts and savoury Palermitan mignon. Open from 7.30am until 11.00pm, Pan Brioche offers its clientele delicious food and snacks at any time of day. If you want to go to Pan Brioche at lunchtime, however, we suggest you get there early if you want to find a seat as it is usually packed. We love the buffalo mozzerella, ham and tomato mignons as well as the salmon and rocket in a brioche bread roll with seed toppings: all freshly made every day. Pan Brioche also offers a good selection of savoury dishes if you aren't tempted by the mignon or sandwiches.  
Via Hoepli, 3 20121 Milano
02 87072630


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