Wondered what those huge metal silos are doing in Piazza San Marco? Well read on to find out. This unusual and inspiring installation was designed by Mario Nanni, the brainchild behind the well-known lighting company - Viabizzuno - for Milano Design Week. It has been so popular that Viabizzuno has extended its run to coincide with the duration of EXPO. The installation is comprised of 7 different, interconnected silos that represent: earth, air, light bulbs, the sun, the moon, water and fire. Each silo is artfully decorated using Viabizzuno's fabulous lights together with other elements creating an amazing sensory effect. Our kids spent ages running through the silos, soaking up the atmosphere as well as the water that pours down from the water installation.  They had a whale of a time while we managed to choose some new lights for our home with the help of the light technicians in Viabizzuno's showroom next door. A win-win situation for all! 
Piazza San Marco Via Solferino 18 20121 Milan
02 29002382
Have you ever seen a wheatfield in the middle of a city? Well in Milan you can. On Saturday 28th February all of you are invited to sow the Wheatfield that has been designed by American artist Agnes Denes. The Wheatfield will cover 5 hectars and is in the new Porta Nuova area. From February until October anyone living in Milan can participate in the various phases of this project: from the sowing to the harvesting of the crop.  Simply go to the Giardino Pubblico di Via De Castillia 28 at 14.00 on the 28th.The next phase will take place on 11 April when the Wheatfield will be officially opened to the public for MIART, the contemporary art fair. In July Milanese and tourists alike will be invited to harvest the crop and partake in the harvest celebrations.  This wonderful event has been sponsored by the Fondazione Riccardo Catella together with the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi and Confagricoltura. 
Via De Castillia 28 20124 Milano
02 45475195
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