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We just love Frida's Flowers and the wide array of flowers on offer worthy of a Jane Packer store (for those Londoners or New Yorkers out there).Beautiful fresh blooms in a multitude of hues and colours which vary according to the seasons. You can choose between large bouquets or small informal posies in paper cones (approx €12) which make great small presents or "pensieri" for friends of loved ones. If you are short of a vase or two why not choose Frida's flower sushi which come complete with water!  
Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 18 20121 Milan
02 890 0307
This quirky little corner shop sells a gorgeous assortment of orchids, plants and flowers displayed in an array of unusual vases and containers.  If you want to buy something a little special for your living room or need to buy someone a gift, we thoroughly recommend you take a look. Prices start from €10. The only drawback to this shop, which is on the corner of Via Nino Bixio and Via Melzo, is the parking. So as soon as you find a spot, park your car as you can't do the Milanese favourite and double park without blocking the tram.  
Via Melzo, 2 20129 Milan
02 36530346
Veronique Vienne's wonderful shop offers a wide range of seasonal artificial flowers, plants and trees. I know what you are thinking - "I prefer the real thing", but trust me they look like the real thing but they last.I resisted buying a fake Christmas tree for years, but after having seen Anais's selection of trees (with or without fairy lights) I bought one and have never looked back. Anais also stocks floral arrangements and candles which make wonderful presents for friends and family. 
Via Marcello Malpighi, 1 20129 Milan
02 201543
Via Salasco might strike you as an odd location for a trendy florist cum restaurant cum coffee shop, but as soon as you walk through the door you can understand why the owner Rosalba Piccini fell in love with it. This large space is artfully divided so that it is both versatile and spacious yet incredibly intimate. Vases brimming with flowers; plants; cacti; bulbs; flower arrangements; kokedama; candles; plant pots and containers as well as clothing and home accessories adorn every available surface: all of which are for sale. You could quite easily mistake Potafiori for a botanist's front room (one with exquisite taste and who has a thing for hanging coloured garments from the ceiling). We particulary like Potafiori's ingenious 'flower sushi': a selection of freshly cut flowers wrapped in William Morris fabric which make excellent table centre pieces or dinner party gifts.  The day at Potafiori starts at 9am with a delicious breakfast of pastries from Cuki and Longoni, organic teas, coffees, juices as well as bread and jam, followed by lunch served from 12.30 to 14.30 (Potavolo), then afternoon tea and aperativo culminating with dinner. The evening we went to Potafiori for dinner we enjoyed a delicious starter of Salmon tartar with avocado, philadelphia, lime and filo pastry, followed by casoncelli (stuffed pasta) with bacon, butter, parmesan and sage, then braised pork cheek with ginger, mashed potato, bay leaf and shallots. While our dinner companions opted for the Steak tartar with roasted dates, rocket and parmesan as well as the grilled fish with spinach and a citrus sauce. The highlight of the evening, however, was when Rosalba burst into song and treated us to a couple of MIna songs. For those of you who don't know, Rosalba is a jazz singer who used to sing at the famous Blue Note jazz club.  Rosalba also holds 'Potafiori' flower arranging work shops on Saturday afternoons. For more details contact Potafiori directly.In case you were wondering if you were in the right street, just look out for trees, shrubs and wicker baskets full of seasonal plants that line the pavement. 
Via Salasco, 17 Milan
02 87065930
Clori is yet another jewel in the crown of the beautiful piazza Sant' Eustorgio. Gone are the dealers, hoodies and whinos and in their wake a series of great bars and shops have opened up in this neighbourhood, especially since it was made a quasi pedestrian area with limited vehicle access.Clori has a delightful selection of flowers and plants displayed in an array of vintage suitcases, crates, baskets and buckets. Even more tempting are the wonderful candles and room fragrances on offer. We love the wine inspired candles made from soya wax in recycled bottles and the lemon grass diffuser. Clori also sells clothing accessories and knick nacks for the home which also make great presents. 
Via Santa Croce, 21 20122 Milan
338 9824421
There is a great new place in Milan called Riad Food Garden, where surrounded by flowers, plants, vases, jugs, lanterns and other furnishings, you can have breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or an aperatif and Sunday brunch.Riad Food Garden is simply decorated with a creative use of black and white. The large marble washbasin behind the counter is reminiscent of an old flower shop and throughout the store you can find delightful objects and furnishings collected by the owners from all over Europe and Morocco and on sale. We especially like the ceramics!  Riad's cuisine is simple with distinctly Italian flavours, using fresh seasonal vegetables, fresh mozzerella and genuine ingredients. The menu varies often and according to the seasons. We love Riad as it's like a small conservatory full of plants and flowers where you can enjoy a coffee in peace while reading the newspaper or one of the many books on show or while browsing the unique and fun items from all over the world that are on sale. Also make use of the free wifi and tablet and cellphone chargers. One word of advice: given that Riad Food Garden is very small, make sure you book in advance for lunch or Sunday brunch. You can also book Riad Food Garden for private events, birthdays and private dinner parties.Open Mondays to Fridays from 8am until 8pm and on Sundays from 10am until 3pm with brunch served at 12.
Viale Piave 17 20129 Milano
02 76340504
Have you ever wondered where all the street flower stalls and sellers get their armfuls of fresh blooms at excellent prices? Well look no further than the Mercato Floricolo - Milan's wholesale flower market. The amazing thing is that it is open to the public on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10.00 to 12.00 and Saturday morning from 9.30 to 12.00.'Children in a candy store', I believe is the expression that could have been used to describe us as we wandered up and down this warehouse, cum hanger. Floricolo offers shoppers a wide selection of: freshly cut flowers; dried flowers; indoor and outdoor plants and orchids as well as an array of florist accessories (oasis, ribbons, plastic sheeting, wire etc) and believe it or not corals, shells, seeds, manzanita, decorative wood and much, much more. It may not be as impressive as New Covent Garden, but if you don't want to lay out huge amounts on fresh flowers or plants then you won't be disappointed. Prices are at least 50% cheaper than in the stores and we left with our cars filled to the brim! Make sure you have a good wander around and go inside all of the wholesalers before you start buying. If you want to take your car in with you, just pay €1.50 at the gate and you can park just outside of Floricolo's sliding doors. The stall holders are also more than happy to help you carry any shrubs or heavy objects to your car. 
Via Lambroso, 53 Milan
02 550051
This unusal shop on the corner of via Muratori and via Botta sells a spectacular and colourful array of flowers, plants, grasses and orchids hidden amoung an array of vintage objects. Here you can find anything from old paintings, tin tubs, cache pots, watering cans, ornaments, a host of glass cake stands, flower pots, fans, lamps, tables, chairs, jugs to teddy bears. This quirky shop is definitely worth a visit and everything is on sale!
Via Muratori, 3 20135 Milan
02 5464976
Giardini Galibiati sells a huge range of plants, trees, shrubs and flowers together with plant containers and home furnishings as well as having a pet corner.Giardini Galbiati also offers garden design and maintenance services as well as plant and artificial flower arrangement hire.Also as a great alternative to the traditional children's birthday party, Giardini Galbiati organises an educational gardening workshop for little ones, where children can play with soil and seeds. The gardeners will also help your child plant a flower, paint the container and let them take it home with them.  
Via Rombon, 97 20134 Milan
02 26413810
Florist, restaurant, bistrot and coffee bar combined, Fioraio Bianchi Caffé is truly unique. It is located in the centre of Milan and each day the premises are decked with fantastic floral arrangements which are on sale from 9am to 9pm. The restaurant serves traditional Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist. Look out for the new list of cupcakes that can be tasted any hour of the day in the coffee bar or purchased in a delightful gift box. 
Via Montebello, 7 20121 Milan
02 29014390


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