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Tucked away at the beginning of Via Volta is a shop front that resembles a boutique or design store, with a large glass store window, dark concrete walls, a brass counter, low lighting… and cannoli.  Homemade by the Bottone family in Sicily, these crisp, fragrant cannoli with their signature red button (bottone) are made using Nero d’Avola, fried in peanut oil and filled with cow milk ricotta from the Iblei mountains with just 17% of sugar, so that they have a more delicate taste than many of their competitors.  All you have to do, is choose the size of your cannolo and one of the traditional garnishings: plain chocolate drops, candied orange peel or Bronte dop pistachios. Not only are Bottone’s cannoli delicious, their striking packaging also make them the perfect gift or a fun DIY dessert for a dinner party. Bottone is open on Tuesdays to Saturdays  from 10.00 to 13.00 and 17.00 to 20.00 and from 10.00 to 13.00 on Sundays.  
Via Alessandro Volta, 8 20121 Milan
+39 388 9592080
This great little butcher's shop situated at the end of Corso di Porta Romana near Piazza Missori is run by Sig. Gianni and his son. They are always on hand to prepare whatever cut of prime beef, poultry, veal, pork, or rabbit you may desire. Should you want to try something a little different, why not ask for coniglio alla ligure (de-boned rabbit stuffed with olives, pine nuts, breadcrumbs and other scrumptious ingredients) or pork fillet wrapped in speck and rosemary. They are simply delicious.If you don't have time to drop by, simply call and place and order and Sig. Gianni will have it delivered to your office or home. Sig. Gianni also sells a good selection of dairy products, pasta, polenta, sauces, preserved vegetables, oils, condiments, grissini, soft drinks, wine etc. 
Corso di Porta Romana, 1 20122 Milan
02 875770
For over 40 years Giannasi has been serving the Milanese a selection of barbequed, roasted, steamed and fried ready-made dishes at unbeatable prices.Situated in Piazza Buozzi, a few minutes walk from Porta Romana, this road side stall is unmissable due to the large queue which forms alongside it. Giannasi's roast chicken is legendary together with its roast potatoes, french fries and potato croquettes all of which can be bought to feed a family of four for approximately €15. If you are not a chicken lover, why not try Giannasi's: sausages, BBQ'd pork ribs, roast veal, stuffed roast turkey, lasagna (vegetarian and meat), cannelloni with ricotta and spinach, carbonara or ragù pasta, arancini (fried rice balls stuffed with ragù, ham and cheese or scamorza and speck), risotti, grilled and steamed vegetables, salads, flans, fried veal escalope, fried stuffed olives (olive ascolane), fried cod, fried calamari rings etc. Giannasi is great if you don't have time to cook or want to organise a last minute dinner with friends. Giannasi is open from 7.30 to 20.00 Tuesday to Saturday and Sunday mornings. 
Piazza Bruno Buozzi, 20135 Milan
02 5832 1114
Il sempreverde sells good quality Korean and Japanese products. If you have problems sourcing products from your home country or simply want to experiment with Asian cuisine, you will find everything you need here.  For those of you who send your children to international schools in Milan, Il sempreverde sells the famous "itacchi" which the owners order directly from Korea for desperate mothers whose children crave them!  
Via Annibale Ceretta, 3 20121 Milan
02 36505646
Kitchen offers a wide range of German, Japanese, American and French kitchen utensils, saucepans and small appliances which until this shop opened where impossible to source in Milan. No longer do I have to load my suitcase on my return trips from the UK with Fissler sauce pans or a Le Creuset cassourole dish for my kitchen. Kitchen even has an on-line store if you are feeling too lazy to leave the house. Kitchen also sells a selection of over 1,500 cookery books as well as spices, dressings and condiments to use in your culinary experiments.Kitchen is also well known for its numerous cookery courses which start at 19.30 and last approximately 3 hours. For details of up-coming courses, please look at their website under "Eventi" - "Corsi". You won't need to take anything with you as Kitchen provides all of the necessary equipment and ingredients. You can sign-up for cooking courses no later than 2 days before the course is due to start. Payment can be made directly in the store in Via Edmondo de Amicis 45 or by credit card (call 02 58102849) or by bank transfer. Cooking buffs may also be interested in Kitchen's Kitchen Club which keeps you up-dated as to new products and allows members to enjoy a host of promotions and discounts with the Kitchen Club Card. Cook on!
Via Edmondo de Amicis, 45 Milan
02 58102849
Macelleria Leoni is a family run business where not only do the owners have a wide selection of meats, cooked meats and cheeses, but they also give you tips on how to cook and serve your purchases. The prices are slightly higher than a supermarket, but there is no comparison. I recently found this butcher when my old butcher went into retirement. So far I am very happy as they are extremely attentive to my needs. 
Piazzale Francesco Bacone, 6 20129 Milan
02 29406652
Lorini offers a delightful selection of cakes, mignon cakes, biscuits and chocolates, as well as savoury snacks. It's great watching the pastry chefs baking and preparing the wonderful creations through the adjacent shop window. Lorini's tangy lemon tart is to die for, but don't forget to order it in advance or you will be disappointed. 
Via Castel Morrone, 23 20129 Milan
02 29516086
A must for sugaraholics, Sugar is located not far from Cadorna in the signorile via Vicenzo Monti. Stools are conveniently placed in the window for clients who want to enjoy a delicious breakfast of Illy coffee and assorted croissants or stop for afternoon tea and mignon cakes and watch the world walk-by. If space is limited you can always sit at one of the tables placed on the pavement outside. Sugar also sells to die for cakes, flans and pies as well as wonderful chocolate covered caramelised citrus fruits and chocolates. Sugar will also arrange these chocolate delights in sugar spun baskets which make wonderful table centre pieces or dinner party gifts. At Christmas you will not be able to resist Sugar's chocolate Christmas trees which come in various sizes and with different decorations. A must is the chocolate lined croccantino basket filled with crema pasticciera (custard cream)  and fresh fruit which on request can be caramalised or covered in chocolate. 
Via Vincenzo Monti, 26 20123 Milan
02 4815376
Gastromonia Yamamoto: a taste of Japan without a Californian sushi roll in sight. I admit that when it comes to Japanese cuisine I rarely advance beyond the "sushi and sashimi" section on the menu, and am therefore ignorant of the delicacies that dwell beyond it. Gastronomia Yamamoto therefore proved to be a relevation, vastly enriching my gastromical knowledge of Nippon cuisine. Luckily for my family, friends and I, the menu was not extensive, and not wanting to miss out we ordered everything on it. For those of you that don't know me, I should confess that in my family we don't share food. So luckily for us the portions are sufficiently small, which meant that we were able to order more of everything without a morsel being left on the table and therefore avoiding a family feud and much unpleasantness. The starters were a real joy. Each plate of hijiki and mozuku were greeted with delight, while the braised pumpkin was the pièce de résistance giving rise to murmurs of appreciation around the table. Equally delicious were the aubergines and peppers sauteed in miso as well as the onighiri. To follow we sampled the grilled salmon with grated daikon, Kaisen salada (sashimi with salad), teriyaki chicken.and wa-fu steak. In fact the steak was so delicious, that we had to order 3 extra portions to avoid a chopstick fight from breaking out.  If you can't find a table don't fret. You can have it packaged up and take it away with you!    
Via Amedei 5 20123 Milan
Ammu: Made in Sicily. Here you can find a selection of Sicily's finest delicacies ready to eat in or take-away. Deliciously crisp, deep fried dough tubes prepared with a pinch of cacao in Catania according to an old aristocratic family recipe, are lovingly filled (while you wait) with a creamy ricotta filling and a sprinkling of chocolate chips, ground pistachio or caramelised oranges. Refreshing granitas prepared according to Acireale tradition: pistachio, almond, coffee, chocolate, mulberry, lemon, mandarin orange, strawberry, peach and figs. Traditional cassata of various dimensions as well as cassata al forno (flans filled with ricotta and chocolate chips) and torta sette veli (7 sumptuous layers of chocolate, hazelnut and croccantina); fragrant biscuits and sbrisolata made with pistachio flour. If sugar is not your thing, then why not try the large selection of traditional Southern condiments, preserves, sauces, pesto, oil, coffee, wine, beer, spririts, soft drinks, salt and spices on sale in store and on-line at Ammu's huge success at EXPO 2015, they set up their first shop in Corso Magenta 32, which was swiftly followed by their store in Corso Garibaldi, 84.  
Corso di Porta Romana 44 Milano
388 756 31 40


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