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Although Galdina has been around for a decade, this amazing pasticceria has proved to be a new discovery for us. Run by owner and Cordon Bleu patisserie chef Galdina, this small shop is situated at the end of a courtyard tucked behind Corso Magenta. Here you can find a small selection of freshly prepared cakes in various sizes as well as biscuits, quiche and mignon pastries. What makes Galdina special is that each cake etc is made from scratch daily with fresh ingredients and looks like something you could knock up at home for a dinner, but infinitely better and tastier. Galdina has a huge repertoire of cakes and desserts that you can order from her recipe book, such as: banana or pomegranate chiboust, mango mousse, passion fruit and white chocolate mousse, apple and almond cake, apple crumble, dolce popo' (similar to a bonet), cassis, blueberry and cream flan, cinammon and apple bavarois, mint and chocolate bavarois, fruits of the forest bavarois, fruits of the forest meringue, raspberry and milk cheesecake and apricot flan. The type of crumble, flan, cake, bavarois obviously varies according to what is in season. It's just so difficult to choose!So, not being ones to shy away from a challenge we decided to put Galdina's cakes to the test and ordered a "cherry crumble" cake, "Charlotte al cioccolato a piramide" (chocolate pyramid Charlotte), "tarte au citron" (lemon meringue pie), bavarese alle arance amare (caramelised orange bavarois flan) and an amazing chocolate cake. They were all delicious in their own unique way, but the biggest compliment of all was paid by my mother (Cordon Bleu trained cook extraordinaire) when she uttered the words ...."this is probably the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten. It may even be better than Marco Pierre White's chocolate cake...".  For those of you who don't know my mother, that was a compliment indeed. If you are interested in trying to learn how to make any of these mouth-watering delicacies, Galdina organises cookery courses. Contact her directly for further details.   
Via Terraggio, 9 20123 Milan
02 8907 3280
I have a thing about food in the same way some women have a thing about expensive bags, and I'm not just talking about the finished product that ends up on your plate. Food is my kryptonite; one thing that I'm willing to spend money on regardless. Having been brought up in a country where we only grow root vegetables, apples, pears and plums, the endless variety of fresh treats to eat in Italy never ceases to give me a shiver of delight. Peck is one of the few places in Milan that manages to fulfil all of my food fantasies.The cheese and cooked meats counter is enough to send me weak at the knees, and you will be surprised to hear that it won't necessarily break the bank. Peck's yellow bags with a golden sunburst have become synonymous with eye-watering price tags over the years, but that's not the case with all of its products. I've compared the price of Peck's parmesan with that of large chain supermarkets over the years and it's more or less the same (even cheaper in some cases) and heaps better. Nothing beats the crumbling, moist morsels of flakey parmesan that are lovingly cut, weighed and wrapped in front of your eyes. (My son can regularly be seen begging for a piece when I take him to stock up on supplies). Another excellent buy is Peck's €12 balsamic vinegar: free of E numbers and caramel and simply divine. Further surprises can also be found at the fresh meat counter in the form of Peck's delcious and excellent value pork. However, if you want to give yourself a real treat, you must try Peck's vacuum packed, marinated Florentine steak. My taste buds are salivating at the mere memory as I write. No more expensive that eating out and infinitely better in many cases, just make sure you know how to cook it properly (I asked a French friend to do the honours).Peck also has a wonderful rosticceria section offering an array of readily prepared dishes. Personally I tend to limit myself to the "olive ascolane' (fried stuffed olives with a crunchy golden crust of breadcrumbs) as the prices are pretty steep in this section. Oh and don't miss the dessert, cakes and chocolate area! Another favourite of mine is the bread section offering different varieties of fragrant bread. Big hits in my house are the Kamut rolls and Campa Grein wholemeal loaf. Peck has obviously had to adapt over time to cater for a younger market and is slowly re-styling itself. The bar has now been moved downstairs backing on to the fresh fruit and vegetable section. Make sure you stop and savour a fresh croissant (brioche to the Milanese) and creamy cappucino while you decide what to buy.I've only mentioned a few of the products on offer at Peck so you will just have to go and see the rest for yourself!
Via Spadari 9 20123 Milan
02 8023161
Some say it's not easy to appreciate good ice-cream, that it depends on personal taste. Some people love their ice-cream rich and creamy, others prefer it light and not too sweet, others prefer fruit flavours... in our opinon, if you love good ice-cream you recognise it at first lick!Pavè's ice-cream is exceptional! Many of you will have been to Pavè's flagship store in via Felice Casati: bar, coffee bar, bakery and cake store, offering homemade pastries and bread which are perfect any time of day. Now the owners, three thirty year olds, have opened an ice-cream parlour together with an old ice-cream maker friend. The result: delicious, light ice-cream (i.e. you can eat two of them in a row and not feel like you've over done it) and about ten classic flavours with a little twist or that use seasonal ingredients. We tried the 'sbrisolona' (Italian broken biscuit with nuts), 'tarte tatin' and 'pistacchio' (one of the best pistacchio ice-creams we have ever had). We also like the fact that they give you cream for free (not whipped cream but iced cream). Oh yes, then there is a host of sorbets and granitas (flavoured crushed ice) to try.Pavè Gelati & Granite is in Via Cesare Battisti, a short walk from Piazza San Babila. The shop is small, but with Pavè's distinct style: a wooden counter with a row of cinema seats. Outside there is a small bench where you can sit and enjoy your ice-cream.Try it and let us know what you think! 
Via Cesare Battisti 21 Milano
02 94383619
Biosserì is a restaurant, delicatessan, coffee shop, ice-cream and yoghurt parlour and pizzeria all rolled into one together with the magic word "organic" or "bio"! Thanks to its partnership with Naura Sì - the Italian organic supermarket chain - Biosserì has opened the first organic restaurant in Milan after its success in Palermo.The owners and masterminds behind this project have taken heed of people's concerns about the environment and the increased demand for environmentally friendly products, using Naura Sì's products to prepare the dishes proposed by Biosserì. Even the the paint used on the walls, the cleaning detergents, take-away packaging and the paper on which the menus are printed are environmentally friendly.As for the menù: there is a wide selection to satisfy all tastes. You may choose from vegan dishes, raw fish or meat, soups, plates of cheese and cooked meats, pizza, rice of every type, salads etc.In addition to lunch and dinner, Biosserì offers Sunday brunch as well as delicious aperatifs with smoothies, artisinal beer, organic wine etc. Breakfast offers a selection of coffees, fresh juices, vitamin packed smoothies, croissants, cakes and tarts (using different types of flour), the choice is endlessWi-fi is free and there is a lounge area surrounded by plants where you can read the paper, as well as areas for family meals or more intimate ones. Biosserì offers take-away through "Deliveroo" What can we say? We love it!
Via Fatebenefratelli 2 Milano
02 89071052
Unlike some Italian cities, Milan has never had a big street food scene: well not until recently. Pantura is another delicious addition to this recent Milanese street food craze. All you have to do is wait for a few minutes while your server toasts a slice of delicious Alta Mura bread, to which he will add mouth-watering toppings such as ripe tomatoes with olive oil and oregano on their own or with buffalo mozzerella or stracciatella. Or why not try Nouja (spicy spreadable salami) and stracciatella or ricotta and jam. To help wash down these delectable delights simply order a glass of wine, a beer, spritz or if you are feeling particularly virtuous a bottle of water. "Where can I find a Pantura cart?" you may ask. Well simply log on to Pantura's facebook page and they will tell you where they are in the city - The Colonne di San Lorenzo seems to be a particular favourite spot for Pantura. 
Luoghi vari
Buying decent fish in Milan seems to be getting harder and harder, especially if you live or work in the city centre. Now you need look no further than Marco Fuolega's fishmongers off of Piazza Santo Stefano. It seems that I've been cycling the wrong way round the Piazza for the last 10 years as I have only just discovered this little cove of deliciously fresh fish which has been there since 1935! Better late than never I suppose. Every day Marco offers a wide selection of fresh and salt water fish and seafood such as : swordfish; tuna; monkfish; salmon; John Dory; sea bass; sea bream; sargo; mackerel; trout; cod; prawns; mussels; clams; scallops; octopus; calamari; anchovies etc. My kids love Marco's kebabs with prawn tails, monkfish, salmon and swordfish (make sure you call in advance and Marco will prepare them specially for you).  
Via Bergamini, 1 Milan
02 5830 4416
Eating out at the local market is steadily becoming fashionable in Milan! The latest addition to this new trend is Mercato del Suffragio, ex Mercato Comunale in Corso XXII Marzo in front of Chiesa di Santa Maria del Suffragio, which has been completely renovated and turned into a great little place to find a wide selection of quality Italian food products.Mercato del Suffragio is the brainchild of entrepreneur Davide Longoni (the man behind the bakery in Via Tiraboschi) who got other companies operating in the food sector involved in this project. Inside the market there are five different food corners: fruit, vegetables and every type of smoothie sold by Fresco e Buono; La Natura del Gusto that sells wonderful raw seafood and baccalà (salted cod); delicious cheeses and cooked meats from  Salumeria Beccalli di Costamasnaga near Lecco; gourmet ice-cream from Cool; and last but not least bread from  Panificio Davide Longoni.All you have to do is decide whether to consume your purchases at one of the coloured tables on the premises or take them home with you! The Mercato del Suffragio has definitely added value to this part of Milan and has become a favourite for many to dine at throughout the day: from breakfast to dinner.   
Corso XXII Marzo 20 Milano
We've already talked to you about Raw, a gorgeous boutique full of vintage furniture and unusual objects from the UK, Belgium, Holland and France. Now, in addition to their shops in Via Palermo and Corso Magenta, Raw has a temporary store in Via Vincenzo Monti 42, on the premises of a former bank. The store is furnished to look like a home and decorated with all of Raw's items on sale. There is the dining room with a fireplace, living room, library, kitchen, conservatory and a fabulous garden complete with plants, plant containers, iron garden furniture, vintage wooden chairs and bird cages. At the end of the living room you can find the flower corner which is run by a well known Belgium model/actor who puts together beautiful flower arrangements.  The main difference from the other two stores is  T'A' Milano's chocolate shop corner to the left of the entrance which offers a wide selection of products belonging to this famous brand. For more information about  T'A', check out our review of T'A' Bistrot di Via Clerici.This space can also be rented out for private events to be catered by T'A' Milano.Why do we like Raw? Because it's a great place to wander around and get decorating ideas without feeling the need to buy anything. The environment is relaxing and inviting and will win you over. 
Via Vincenzo Monti 42 Milano
02 97375919
One of the many joys of living in Milan is that everyone here really takes their food seriously and I don't just mean the finished product, but also the raw materials lovingly put into every meal. The "chilometro zero" or farmers' market movement has steadily been taking root over the last few years and thanks to local demand, local food producers have wised up and are selling their fresh produce directly to the consumer, thereby cutting out the middle man and reducing the carbon footprint. Imagine my joy this morning when I came across a number of local producers who sell their produce every second and fourth week of the month in Piazza S. Nazaro in Brolo along Corso di Porta Romana. Not only did I get to taste the delicious cheeses, salami, jams, fruit, wine and honey on sale but I actually got to ask questions about the products themselves which I never get the chance to do when buying in a supermarket or over the internet. I also picked up some great recipes to boot!Definitely try the Riserva San Massimo Canaroli rice, which according to its grower is used by Michelin star chefs around the world. We also loved the goats cheeses, chestnut honey, wild boar paté and fresh walnuts. I'm not sure I'm game to try the blood sausage yet though!  
Piazza S. Nazaro in Brolo Milan
If you are near Piazza Gae Aulenti make sure you go down via De Cristoforis off of Corso Como and pay a visit to Zàini: the perfect place to indulge yourself and have a coffee break! On these premises almost a century ago Luigi Zàini opened his chocolate factory and Zàini has carried on the tradition.The bar is hidden away and not easy to find, but once you discover it you won't forget it easily! Despite being elegant and traditional, the bar is extremely inviting with an intimate atmosphere, similar to a Viennese or Parisian bistrot...On walking in customers are welcomed by a huge book case containing every conceivable delicacy both sweet and savoury with a  bar counter and stools positioned in front. The back room is host to a large kitchen used by Zàini for cooking and cocktail courses, where you can learn how to make delicious cakes, savoury snacks and even bread (including natural yeast).Where ever you look there are different coloured and flavoured chocolates, sweets, biscuits and gifts all begging to be savoured and bought! The chocolate is to die for, as are the different coloured wrappers: each type of chocolate has its own wrapper. We just had to buy the gold bar, the brown 70% cacao bar as well as the purple, lilac and blue bar made with milk chocolate and salt!It's the perfect place for those of you with a sweet tooth or who need to buy an elegant gift! 
Via de Cristoforis 5 Milano
02 694914449


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