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The Mercato del Duomo offers four floors of gastronomic delights and is yet another addition to the list of food concept stores opening up in Milan. Behind the Mercato del Duomo is Autogrill; which has taken to heart the philosophy of EXPO 2015: "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" and taken this opportunity to celebrate Italian food, starting with its raw materials, their processing, the final product and the sale of the final product.  Designed by Michele De Lucchi,  with insight from the Universita' di Scienze Gastronomiche, this space has been completely restructured in a minimalist style. The motorway food image has been replaced by pale colour palette and wood. In the centre of the store is an old bronze olive tree by Adam Lowe while there are various information touch points dotted around the store.Customers can access the Mercato del Duomo through the historic Motta coffee bar which has returned after 17 years to the place where its story started.  When climbing the long escalator to the Mercato you can admire the view of Piazza Duomo through the glass walls. At the top you will find a reproduction of typical Italian local market with different stalls selling meat, bread, cakes, fruit, vegetables, eggs etc. For those of you that want to stop for something to eat there is a Bistrot: two floors of different corners such as the Griglia, where you can have different cuts of meat freshly grilled, or Ovobar which serves different egg dishes and the Caffetteria for real Neopolitan coffee connoisseurs.On the top floor of the building is the Terrazza Aperol, which is a great place for a light lunch or a traditional Milanese aperatif overlooking the Duomo. Here orange reigns! The real pièce de résistance though is the restaurant workshop run by award winning chef  Niko Romito, where the ideas and receipes of young chefs trained by Niko Romito are swapped.As you go back down you can find a Guzzini temporary store and the historic Feltrinelli is still on the lower ground floor. What do we think of the Mercato del Duomo? Well it will probably just be a place where the Milanese go to have a quick look around (turning their noses up at the prices), however, its greatest value is what it represents: a celebration of Italian food, Italian gastronomic products, the Italian culinary tradition and its importance in the world today.  We hope that thanks to its central location and its architectural beauty that the Mercato del Duomo will become a "place to go" for all international food lovers. 
Piazza Duomo 20122 Milano
If you haven't heard of Eataly yet, well what can we say, you must be one of the few that hasn't. This international phenomenon has catapulted Italian food into the 21st century. Gone is the image of straw covered bottles of Chianti and red and white chequered tablecloths. Eataly is modern, sleek and very contemporary, while ensuring that traditional food manufacturing processes are strictly adhered to, so that you - the customer - are guaranteed the genuine article! The former Teatro Smeraldo has been transformed into a mecca for food lovers. Here under one roof you can buy: fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables from Northern Italy; cakes; biscuits; chocolates; jams; biscuits; honey; coffee; milk; butter; yoghurt; cooked meats; cheese (watch in awe as whole rounds of Parmesan are opened and divided); mozzerella; ricotta; water; soft drinks; fruit juices; wine; beer; meat (both raw and cooked ready to be taken away); fish from Liguria, the Adriatic and Tirrenio; 14 different types of organic bread; foccaccia; pasta; rice; cereals, oil and vinegar. Everything you could possibly need, including a whole section of kitchen equipment and tableware on the ground floor. Oh, and we forgot to mention, you can purchase everything online and have it delivered to your door. If you are feeling peckish as you walk around the store there are a series of small restaurants that offer delicious freshly cooked dishes. Each restaurant specialises in something different, whether it be soups and salads, freshly roasted meat, pasta, pizza, pastries or fried fish, meat, cheese and vegetables. You will just have to keep going back to try them all! Eataly maintains that its main goal is to "demonstrate that high-quality products can be made available to everyone: easy to find and at affordable prices" as well as communicating "faces, production methods and stories of people and companies who make the best Italian high quality food and wine." So far it seems to being a good job. To celebrate the history of this wonderful building, ex Teatro Smeraldo, a central stage hosts live musical performances, reading and performances by established and emerging artists. If you want to try simply send an email to!  
Piazza XXV Aprile, 10 20124 Milan
02 49497301
Puntobianco is definitely somewhere we recommend food lovers drop by and pay a visit. If you adore fresh mozzerella and burrata oozing with fresh milk; every Tuesday and Friday fresh supplies arrive from Campania. If cheese is not your poison, then why not try the delicious hand made pasta that arrives from Lombardy, Liguria and Mantua.  Puntobianco also offers an array of dried pastas, sauces, freshly sliced hams, salami, cheese, taralli, grissini, wines, oil etc. (at honest prices). We also love Puntobianco's bowls and utensils made from olive wood as well as their rustic white plateware. 
Corso Indipendenza, 7 Milan
02 3983 4101
Tabaccheria Giacomo has recently re-opened next door to Giacomo Pasticceria and in front of Giacomo and Giacomo Bistrot - a string of eateries owned by Giacomo Bulleri, a well known Tuscan chef, who has monopolised Via Sotto Corno to the extent that it has been nick-named "Giacomo's Kingdom (il regno di Giacomo). Although called Tabaccheria Giacomo, this eatery is so much more than a cigarette shop (which can be found on a small stand in the corner of this tiny store).Open from  8 until 24, Tabaccheria Giacomo is a small eatery which has a distinct "old Milan" atmosphere where you can have breakfast (supplied by Giacomo's cake shop next door), or enjoy brunch, a quick lunch, an aperatif or after dinner drinks together with "bocconi" (morsels of food) specially prepared every day. You can eat in at one of the three small tables or at the bar which seats 4 or take your delightful morsels home with you. Tabaccheria Giacomo also sells own brand high quality food, most of which comes from the South of Italy; such as :  passata di pomodoro di Cesarano, colatura di Alici Giordano di Cetaro,  pasta di Cesarano di Gragnano, caviale Adamas di Pandino, pecorino Bagnolese and much more. Tabaccheria Giacomo is a great place to go at off-peak times so that you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of  by-gone days! 
Via Pasquale Sottocorno 5 Milano
02 76009410
I know what you are going to Italy you can get wonderful ice-cream everywhere; why should I go to Porta Romana for ice-cream? Well firstly they deliver so there is no excuse not to try Gelateria Porta Romana's ice-cream and secondly it's  delicious. Gelateria Porta Romana offers a good selection of dairy milk ice-cream flavours you can have in a cup, cone or container to take-away, as well as ice-cream cakes and fantastic mono-portion desserts which are a work of art. However, the pièce de résistance for people like me, is that they make mouthwatering almond milk ice-cream (the hazelnut and pistacchio flavours are to die for and they're a 100% soya and dairy free). Gelateria Porta Romana also has a shop at number 126 (Corso di Porta Romana) which is close to the Porta Romana metro stop.
Corso di Porta Romana, 52 20122 Milan
02 94390580
La Gourmanderie is definitely the ultimate food store for all of you Francophiles out there! The location may seem a little odd, but recently many food stores have been opening up along this busy thoroughfare between Corso Italia and Corso di Porta Romana.Here you can find a good selection of French wines and champagnes, patés from the south west, foie gras, Agen prunes, Dijon mustards, confit du canard, chutneys, fruit syrups and most importantly ... macarons! La Gourmanderie offers a selection of classic flavours such as chocolate, pistacchio, lemon, fruits of the forest, praline, coffee etc as well as champagne, orange blossom, foie gras and lobster (to order). The marcarons are all beautifully packaged in customised boxes and can be said to rival those of another very famous French brand. Try them out for yourselves if you don't believe us. La Gourmanderie can also create lovely gift boxes for you with a selection of different French products. What are you waiting for?
Via Santa Sofia, 18 20122 Milan
02 58311375
Fondata nel 1967, questa piccola e accogliente pasticceria conserva tuttora il sapore di una bottega di dolci artigianale, nella sua sede storica di Via Moscova 7. Qui potete trovare uno dei migliori panettoni di Milano, da scegliere nella versione tradizionale, la veneziana, quello unico ed inimitabile all'ananas e, novità di quest'anno, panettone con ripieno di maron glace' ricoperto di mandorle.Ranieri è anche famoso per le colombe pasquali, i suoi dolci che ormai fatto parte delle tradizioni milanesi, come il "Do di petto", una torta fatta all'esterno di pasta frolla con sopra pinoli tostati e all'interno di mousse al cioccolato, la Zuppa di Frutta in cestelli di croccante, la Torta Fragoline, etcRanieri prepara anche torte su ordinazione, per compleanni, ricorrenze ed altre occasioni speciali.Attenzione, pur essendoci altre pasticcerie Ranieri a Milano, l'unica pasticceria Ranieri è quella nella sede storica di Via Moscova 7.
Via Della Moscova 7 20121 Milano
02 6595308
Why are we so obsessed with cupcakes? Is it the delicious, soft sponge covered in frothy icing in pale hues that appeals to us? Or is it the sheer bit-size sinfulness of them? Whatever the reason, people queue up to sample Cupcake Couture's scrumptious cupcakes and biscuits. Cupcake Couture's is no longer situated on the corner of Via de Amicis and Corsa di Porta Ticinese but on the 7th floor of Rinascente. Otherwise you can order them directly from Cupcake Couture whose workshop is in the courtyard of no. 69 Corso di Porta Ticinese. Every day the ladies at Cupcake Couture prepare up to 12 different flavoured cupcakes, the most popular being: vanilla, double chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, apple and cinnamon, carrot, chocolate and vanilla and Nutella. Don't worry about squashing them in your bag either, as they come in individual cupcake holders which have survived the day in my son's school bag!Cupcake couture is also happy to cater events and produce whatever type of cupcake or cake you desire for any occasion.  Enjoy!
Corso di Porta Ticinese, 69 20123 Milan
02 58118750
Located near the Martesana Canal, Pasticceria Martesana is a great place for breakfast, a light lunch, afternoon tea, an ice-cream or to stock up on cakes, biscuits, chocolates etc to take home and enjoy alone or with friends. What renders Pasticceria Martesana so special is head pastry chef, Davide Comaschi, winner of World Chocolate Masters 2013 and Pasticcere dell'Anno 2014 (Cake Chef of the Year). Davide is renowned for his amazing chocolate creations, cakes and decorated Panettone. At Christmas time why not try Martesana's traditional Panettone with raisins and candied fruit (Panettone tradizionale con uvetta e canditi) or Panettone al Arriba 62% con cubetti di arancio e copertura fondente (chocolate covered Panettone with chunks of candied oranges) or Panettone ai marrons glacès Cremonese con ananas candita e pinoli (Cremonese Panettone with marrons glacès and candied pineapple and pine nuts) or Veneziana classica con arancia candita, glassa alle mandorle e mandorle tostate (Venetian style Panettone with toasted almonds) or Martesana's new creation - Panetùn Sacher® con albicocche in confettura e candite e cioccolato fondente (Sacher Panettone made with plain chocolate, candied apricots and apricot jam). Whatever the occasion, Pasticceria Martesana is happy to make any type of cake you require or cater the whole event. See the website for further details. 
Via Cagliero, 14 Milan
02 6698 6634
For those food lovers out there, Lambrate is an area that is famous for its historic food stores. Here you can find artisan: ravioli and pasta makers, cake shops, mozzerella sellers, butchers and probably the only one in Milan -  Grissinificio Edelweiss (grissini maker). This shop was opened in the 1960s and still has its original yellow sign and wooden shelving typical of the times and still sells the best grissini that we have ever tasted. Stocked by many well known Milanese restaurants (Mimmo, Ratanà, to name but a few), Edelweiss is the kingdom of the grissino: the tastiest and crunchiest are the speciali; while the water ones are slightly lighter and can be had with or without salt, paprika, sesame, chilli pepper or wholemeal. You can also find other baked goods here, such as bread - the nut and raisin one is delicious -  pizzete, focaccine,  panettone gastronomico which is already cut and ready be filled etc. Don't forget to try their panettone and Easter colomba (which also come in chocolate). They are super moist and are comparable to those of some of Milan's best cake shops.Convinced? Want to try a packet of these delicious grissini? Then remember to reserve some the day before you need them if you intend to go over the weekend or go early in the morning during the week to avoid disappointment. Enjoy! 
Via Teodosio 27 20131 Milano
02 70630084


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