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Recently opened in the Porta Venezia area, Bjork Swedish Brasserie & Side Store is both a shop and brasserie offering a take-away service, where you can enjoy the flavours of traditional Swedish cuisine. Bjork is very cosy, decorated in warm colours with pale wooden shelving and tables. As you walk in the door you are met by a huge counter laden with typical, fresh Swedish dishes : warm smoked salmon or gravlax;  marinated herrings with onions or with mustard sauce, dill or juniper and gin; Swedish meatballs; an assortment of Smorrebrod; fresh open sandwiches on black bread complete with butter, salmon, prawns, roast beef or the vegetarian option with beetroot, honey, potato, caper flowers and bean shoots. There is also a wide selection of Swedish cheeses and traditional Swedish chutneys as well as packaged products, fresh bread and other oven-baked goods. Make sure you try one of the many Scandinavian beers on offer as well as cider and  juices such as Saxhyttegabbeu Blabar, made from hand-picked wild redcurrants.Not only can you buy different products at Bjork Brasserie, but you can also lunch at the counter or book a characteristic Swedish dinner - delicate yet delicious. Otherwise, why  not pop in for an afternoon cup of coffee and a cinnamon or chocolate pastry. Bjork is open Mondays 18.00 until 24.00 and Tuesdays to Saturdays 12 until 24.00.    
Via Panfilo Castaldi 20 Milano
02 49457424
Tucked away in the old finance district of Milan just behind the Scala in a beautiful historic building, is T'a Store and Bistrot. This former old drinking hole of ours has been transformed by the Alemagna brothers into a beautiful gourmet restaurant, pasticceria (cake shop) and sophisticated cocktail bar all rolled into one. Open all day, you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner during meal times or simply pop in for freshly made pastries and coffee at breakfast time or for afternoon tea. Oh and don' t forget to stop by for a well earned cocktail after a hard day of shopping or work. For those of you planning to lunch or dine at T'a, Umberto Vezzoli - T'a's award winning chef - has put together an amazing menu which boasts dishes such as: parmigiana di melanzane con primo sale al pesto e liquirizia con insalate (Parmigiana with pesto and liquorice salt and salad) and  composizione di Capesante con verdure in agrodolce (scallops with sweet and sour vegetables), followed by filetto Rossini, con tonno, Foie-Gras spadellato e spinaci (tuna steak Rossini with fresh foie-gras and spinach) or medaglione di pescatrice al bacon con Lattughe brasate, asparagi verdi e barbabietole rosse (monk fish medallions with braised lettuce, asparagus and beetroot). If you still have room after that, enjoy the delicious pastries, cakes and chocolates that are  prepared daily to eat in or take-away. T'a also sells boxes and hampers packed full of T'a's delicious chocolate creations and other carefully selected items which make fantastic presents, especially at Christmas. Take a look at for further details. All products can be bought instore or online through .  
Via Clerici 1, 20121 Milan
02 87386130
Viva stores are popping up around the city and offer clients great fresh snacks, lunches and juices throughout the day. Try their selection of salads, ready prepared dishes, pasta and grain salads, rolls and sandwiches made from fresh bread, quiches, soups, cakes, probiotic yoghurt with fresh fruit and much more.As well as their store next to Crocetta metro station, VIva also has stores in Via Cesare Correnti 20 (Tel. 02 89015379) and Piazza di Porta Lodovica 6  (Tel. 02 58312036).If you don't have time to drop by then take advantage of Viva's bike delivery service. For more information about this service see Viva's website.  
Largo della Crocetta, 2 Milan
02 58437953
Set in the beautiful cloisters of the Spazio Auditorium dell'Umanitaria, Popogusto - an organic farmers' market - is held from 10am to 6pm every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.On sale you will find delicious fruit, vegetables, bread, jams, honey, cheeses, hams, chocolate, wine, oil, juices, preserves, spices and much more. All the produce is guaranteed to be organic or at the very least local - thereby reducing its carbon footprint.  As it's held on a Saturday you don't need to worry about the congestion charge (Area C).
Spazio Auditorium dell'Umanitaria Via San Barnaba, 48 Milan
02 5796831
In our never ending quest to find the best butcher in Milan, we came across Lorenzo Patera's shop on the outskirts of Brera. Lorenzo is one of the few young butchers in Milan as less and less youngsters move into this traditional profession; and to top it all Lorenzo butchers his own meat thereby guaranteeing the quality and freshness of his produce. Not only does Lorenzo sell different cuts of meat but he also offers ready prepared dishes that you can simply cook at home, such as de-boned chicken thighs stuffed with ham, parmesan, breadcrumbs and minced pork. Simply delicious. If in doubt as how to cook anything, Lorenzo is always on hand with cooking tips and easy recipes. Also worth trying are the fresh pasta, cheeses, hams and other food products he has on sale. If Via Volta is out of your way or you don't want to pay the congestion charge, simply call him and arrange to have your meat delivered. Lorenzo is happy to accept cash or cheques on delivery. 
Via Volta, 12 Milan
02 29060321
For over 40 years the Crino' family have been delighting the Milanese with their delicious cakes, biscuits, pasticcini, chocolates, croissants and desserts. And like Milanese fashion, Massimo changes the delicacies they prepare to reflect the seasons. In autumn you will find Marron Glacé, chocolate pralines and Sacher torte; while wintertime brings la Veneziana, and one of the best Panettone's Milan has to offer as well as chocolate desserts. While springtime offers colour and flavour with Massimo's creamy cakes, fruit flans and chocolate eggs and summer boasts  icecream, mousse cakes, zuccotto as well as granite caffè with cream  and strawberries and cream.Having said that, whatever your poison or whatever the occasion the Crino' family are happy to make to order for however many people you want. Otherwise just pop in for a coffee and cake if you are in the area.
Via Giuseppe Ripamonti, 5 20136 Milan
Milan's first gluten free bakery has finally arrived. Finally people with gluten intollerance can enjoy freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes, muffins, biscuits, arancini (fried stuffed rice balls), panzotti (folded pizzas), jam tarts and pizzas - all of which are guaranteed to be 100% gluten free.Open Tuesdays to Fridays from 9.30 to 14.30  and 17.00 to 19.30 as well as from 9.30 to 14.30 on Saturdays. 
Via Curtatone, 6 Milan
02 54019723
Hooray for splendid Splendini & Co. Finally gluten intollerant people can enjoy freshly prepared cakes, biscuits, meringues, muffins, petit fours, semifreddo desserts etc. without having to worry.Why not try Splendini's scrumptuous pear and chocolate cake or their delicious fresh fruit and custard cream flan? Other big favourites are Splendini's Sacher torte, cheese cake and orange cake.Another great thing about Splendini & Co. is that most of the products are lactose free including the custard cream!Splendini & Co.'s friendly staff are also happy to make any cake you like for any occasion and will deliver it to your door whether in Milan or out in the suburbs.
Via Pietro Custodi, 1 20136 Milan
02 87066449
Italian ice cream is undeniably the best in the world. However, the real question is - "who makes the best ice cream?". While spoilt for choice in Milan, one of our favourites is Riva Reno in Via Col di Lana. Riva Reno also has other shops in Via Mercato, 20 (Tel: 02 89096631) and Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 53 (Tel: 02 34537859). Riva Reno prides itself on recreating "the recipes of the best Italian gelato tradition" and we have to say that they have indeed succeeded in producing delicious, creamy milk and fruit based ice cream using quality ingredients, while ensuring that the ice cream is not too sweet.  Riva Reno's ice cream contains no hydrogenated fat, preservatives, anti-oxidants and artificial colourings and they only use alpine milk and cream from the Stura Valley in Piedmont. One of Riva Reno’s most popular flavours is "Pistachio" and to ensure its quality RivaReno sources pistachios principally from Sicily and supplements them with pistachios from Syria and Iran. However, for those Brits out there, you will be thrilled to hear that Riva Reno actually makes real vanilla ice cream ranging from spicy Tahitian vanilla to the more delicate Madagascan Bourbon vanilla. For chocolate lovers Riva Reno makes several chocolate recipes, such as their Dark Chocolate recipe which uses bitter Manjari cocoa from Madagascar, releasing a pleasing hint of tobacco on the palate.The real winners, however, are Riva Reno's exclusive gelato flavours which combine traditional and exotic ingredients together resulting in unexpected flavours. Why not try my favourite - Contessa - a blend of Sicilian almond, amaretti biscuits and a touch of hazelnut from Piedmont, enriched with caramelised almonds. Otherwise, try Gran Torino created by Riva Reno to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy ."A recipe that evokes the union between north and south, exalting the flavour of the gelato with melted gianduia (chocolate and hazelnut), made with the best  “tonde gentili” hazelnuts  with a tiny pinch of sea salt from Trapani" (Riva Reno). Equally delicious is Mango Heera -a combination of Indian mango (Kesar or Alfonso) and yoghurt, which is reminiscent of the exotic Indian national drink, “mango lassi”. While for the Americans, there is Sweet Alabama which combines creamy chocolate with peanut butter!If you want something slightly more refreshing, Riva Reno also offers a wide selection of fruit sorbets, such as lemon, mandarin, apricot, persimmon, passion fruit, strawberry, wild blackberry, bergamot etc. All the sorbets are dairy-free and contain more than 55% fruit. Otherwise, during the summer months try one of Riva Reno's granitas made from just water, sugar and fresh fruit, without the addition of syrups, colourings or aromas.RivaReno also offers gelato cakes to take away. Cakes of various sizes, shapes and combination of flavours can be made to order and decorated according to customer preference.If you don't fancy an ice cream during the winter months, try Riva Reno's delicious, velvety hot chocolate drink made from various kinds of cacao of African origin – Manjari from Madagascar and red cacao from Ivory coast.  What are you waiting for?  
Via Col di Lana, 8 20136 Milan
02 8940 8459
You may have already seen one of Straberry's brightly coloured ape cars in a piazza around Milan. They sell strawberries and fruits of the forest which arrive every day from the countryside to the East of Milan where they are grown so that they do not have a carbon footprint. On Straberry's website you can trace the origin of all their products by simply inserting the product's code where indicated and you can see where, when and who picked the fruit. Please support this initiative and go onto Straberry's Facebook page: to find Straberry's nearest ape car ladened with delicious, eco friendly strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries!
Cascina Pirola via XXV Aprile Cassina de Pecchi (MI)


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