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Being English, I just had to write about Elisabetta Caorsi's English antiques shop located in one of my favourite shopping areas of Milan (or should I say "British" before some of my fellow islanders give me some stick).Elisabetta wrote for "Vogue Casa" until 20 years ago when she decided to focus on her passion for 19th century British antiques and open up this little treasure trove of some of "our" finest.   Elisabetta's philosophy is that everything she sells must be functional yet elegant; adding a personal touch to every home. La Stanza della Memoria is decorated to look like a home: Georgian and Victorian tables; sideboards; book shelves; chairs and armchairs are artfully displayed around the shop together with decorative ceramics from Wedgwood, Coalport, Minton and Royal Doulton. Everyday tableware, glassware, cutlery, trays, desk acessories, frames, paintings, lamps, ashtrays, cake stands, chess sets etc adorn the furniture to give you an idea how each article could look in your home. Some of my favourite items are Elisabetta's golden pub sign letters which make a quirky addition to any home and her selection of vintage garden furniture and utensils.    
Corso Concordia, 9 20129 Milan
02 76008692
Massimiliano Locatelli, or "l'architetto" as Untitled's pleasant shop assistant calls him, has revolutionised my concept of tableware. After several months I finally plucked up the courage to venture into and browse around this tiny store next to my local parish church - Chiesa di Santa Maria al Paradiso - which opened up in November 2015. (Despite having lived in this country for a lifetime I still feel quite self-conscious about going into stores to browse...goodness knows why, it must be in my DNA).In any event I was delighted to discover an array of plates and dishes in a multitude of patterns and colours that can be mixed and matched with a variety of table services ranging from my every day pure white to an incomplete set of elaborate hand painted plates and bowls that I inherited from my granny. Massimiliano Locatelli ingeniously mixes clear or coloured glass plates with details in gold and titanium or with hand painted butterflies or lady birds that can be placed over simpler or more elaborate plates rendering them more modern and entertaining. No longer will we have to save up for several years to add an extra 6 plates to an expensive wedding gift table service as 6 glass fruit plates cost appoximately €170. Having said that Untitled also sells very beautiful but expensive hand painted Herend plates as well as slightly cheaper yet divine porcelain ones from Locatelli's own collection.Not only are Untitled Homeware's designs original yet simple, Massimiliano Locatelli has also come up with the ingenious idea to sell his plateware in simple cardboard A4 filing boxes decorated with medieval letters which can be easily stored on shelves in plain sight without them looking out of place in any home. Perfect for apartment living! Untitled also sells its own range of glassware including beautiful Murano glass carafes and bowls as well as wine glasses dipped in gold or titanium, cutlery, trays and furniture exclusively designed by "l'architetto".  Naturally I didn't leave the shop empty handed....
Corso di Porta Vigentina, 12 20122 Milan
02 866247
We've already talked to you about Raw, a gorgeous boutique full of vintage furniture and unusual objects from the UK, Belgium, Holland and France. Now, in addition to their shops in Via Palermo and Corso Magenta, Raw has a temporary store in Via Vincenzo Monti 42, on the premises of a former bank. The store is furnished to look like a home and decorated with all of Raw's items on sale. There is the dining room with a fireplace, living room, library, kitchen, conservatory and a fabulous garden complete with plants, plant containers, iron garden furniture, vintage wooden chairs and bird cages. At the end of the living room you can find the flower corner which is run by a well known Belgium model/actor who puts together beautiful flower arrangements.  The main difference from the other two stores is  T'A' Milano's chocolate shop corner to the left of the entrance which offers a wide selection of products belonging to this famous brand. For more information about  T'A', check out our review of T'A' Bistrot di Via Clerici.This space can also be rented out for private events to be catered by T'A' Milano.Why do we like Raw? Because it's a great place to wander around and get decorating ideas without feeling the need to buy anything. The environment is relaxing and inviting and will win you over. 
Via Vincenzo Monti 42 Milano
02 97375919
Maisons Du Monde has opened its doors in Milan. This well known French company was founded in the nineties and specialises in furniture, fixtures and home accessories. The Maisons Du Monde chain has stores all over France and in other European countries.This brand is really popular amongst those that love the French shabby chic look. Maisons Du Monde offers everything you need to decorate your home and its products are easily adaptable to suit every look. The stores are enormous and divided into different areas, each proposing a distinct style. Give free rein to your creativity: choose from a number of different styles: classic, eccentric, vintage, romantic, contemporary, exotic or Scandinavian! Here you can definitely find something to decorate your home: add a personal touch or even just re-organise your space. We love the children's bedroom furniture department that offers wonderful duvet covers (always difficult to source here in Milan) and the garden furniture section during the summer months, as it offers a selection of chairs, tables, sun beds, planters, super comfortable round sofas where two people can comfortably lay down together and much, much more. Maisons Du Monde is not as utilitarian as IKEA, offering its clientele more original and stylish products, however, like IKEA it's impossible to leave empty handed!!!A word of warning: the store is a little difficult to get too even if you can see it from the road. If you are coming from Milan, take Via Rombon in the direction of Segrate and go underneath the Tangenziale overpass until you reach a roundabout, then take the first exit on your right and continue to follow the road round to your right towards the Brico Center. Maisons du Monde is just after Brico Center. Don't worry about parking as there is loads to choose from; shame that there is no shade! 
Via Lambretta 20090 Segrate Milano
02 2131775
Wondered what those huge metal silos are doing in Piazza San Marco? Well read on to find out. This unusual and inspiring installation was designed by Mario Nanni, the brainchild behind the well-known lighting company - Viabizzuno - for Milano Design Week. It has been so popular that Viabizzuno has extended its run to coincide with the duration of EXPO. The installation is comprised of 7 different, interconnected silos that represent: earth, air, light bulbs, the sun, the moon, water and fire. Each silo is artfully decorated using Viabizzuno's fabulous lights together with other elements creating an amazing sensory effect. Our kids spent ages running through the silos, soaking up the atmosphere as well as the water that pours down from the water installation.  They had a whale of a time while we managed to choose some new lights for our home with the help of the light technicians in Viabizzuno's showroom next door. A win-win situation for all! 
Piazza San Marco Via Solferino 18 20121 Milan
02 29002382
Zara Home has just re-opened after its recent restyling which has taken several months! Zara Home has not only changed its look, but has also greatly increased in size making it the largest Zara Home flagship store in the world! It still covers two floors but its look is completely different with a greater attention to detail; gold lettering with Zara Home's logo covers the wall at the back of the store, while the store is divided into different "corners" that display Zara Home's products by colour, materials and different styles. Bedding, tableware, bathroom accessories, cushions, plates, glasses, cutlery etc - basically anything and everything you need to furnish your home - are on sale at great prices. The children's home department is really great and there are also clothes on sale for really little ones. Amongst the novelties there is also the "Speciale Milano" collection on sale which celebrates the elegance and style of our adopted city!As always with Zara, its almost impossible to leave the store empty handed!! 
Piazza San Babila 5 20122 Milano
02 76022740
Clori is yet another jewel in the crown of the beautiful piazza Sant' Eustorgio. Gone are the dealers, hoodies and whinos and in their wake a series of great bars and shops have opened up in this neighbourhood, especially since it was made a quasi pedestrian area with limited vehicle access.Clori has a delightful selection of flowers and plants displayed in an array of vintage suitcases, crates, baskets and buckets. Even more tempting are the wonderful candles and room fragrances on offer. We love the wine inspired candles made from soya wax in recycled bottles and the lemon grass diffuser. Clori also sells clothing accessories and knick nacks for the home which also make great presents. 
Via Santa Croce, 21 20122 Milan
338 9824421
Biancolatte in Via Turati 30 is one of those places that puts you in a good mood as soon as you walk through the door. Biancolatte offers customers breakfast, afternoon tea, lunch, icecream, dinner, dessert, savoury snacks, food, fashion and home decor all under one roof!Biancolatte is the perfect place to take a break at any time of day or night as it's warm, inviting and expertly decorated. When it opened in 2008 it became "the" meeting place for the "Milanese" and it has livened up the end of Via Turati that leads into Piazza della Repubblica. Seven years on it's still packed at  lunch time and during the afternoon; while its difficult to get a table for brunch on Sundays so make sure you book in advance. The food is simple and seasonal, while the ingredients are super fresh and the desserts delicious. It's definitely worth a visit, even if you just want to window shop or take a look at the objects on sale: plateware, costume jewellery, candles, Biancolatte's signature white metal houses and so much more,  
Via Turati 30 20121 Milan
02 62086177
It's impossibile to walk past Immaginaria without stopping to admire the latest window display of prints and works of art for sale; whether they be iconic black and white photographic prints, Andy Warhol reproductions, classic Chinese prints or oil paintings and water colours by up-and-coming artists. Immaginaria also offers a professional framing service with a good selection of frames, should you have any prints, posters or works of art that need framing. Inside there is also a fun selection of small photo frames and ornaments that make great gifts. Given that Immaginaria is situated on the corner of Corso di Porta Ticinese and Via Molino delle Armi parking can be tricky, however, the number 94 bus goes right past the front door!.    
Corso di Porta Ticinese, 53 20123 Milan
02 58102270
The stylish atelier of Osanna and Madina Visconti di Modrone is housed on the ground floor of a beautiful historic building close to the Borsa Italiana (Stock Exchange) in one of Milan's oldest streets. This talented mother and daughter design duo uses combinations of gold, bronze and silver to create cuffs, bracelets, necklaces, headbands and earrings as well as furniture and home accessories such as lamps, candle holders and sticks. Madina uses fusions of bronze and silver to create striking objects, chains and maxi shapes which are both imposing and playful, as well as light gold leaves and flowers "that revisit minimalism yet still somehow recall the gold of the ancients".  Each piece is a work of art and beautifully crafted in Italy. Prices start from approximately €100 and can also be bought on-line at Yoox.com. Opening hours are Monday to Friday: 9:30 – 13:30 14:30 – 18:30.  
Via Santa Marta, 13 20123 Milan
02 84190134


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