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Located in Milan's ex-ice factory built in 1899, this warm and inviting concept store is very different from the minimalist design stores dotted around MIilan .  Nonostante Marras is one of those places where you will want to buy everything you see (whether or not it is on sale), from the Sardinian designer's clothes and accessories to the vintage objects, fashion and design books, furnishings, lamps and flowers. This is a great place to find inspiration when buying gifts or home furnishing. We love the "tree" in the centre of the room which is made from chests of drawers and recycled materials and used as bookshelves. If you find the shopping experience tiring, take time out to have a cup of tea in the tea room or some sardines in the café. 
Via Cola di Rienzo, 8 Milan
02 89075002
Giardini Galibiati sells a huge range of plants, trees, shrubs and flowers together with plant containers and home furnishings as well as having a pet corner.Giardini Galbiati also offers garden design and maintenance services as well as plant and artificial flower arrangement hire.Also as a great alternative to the traditional children's birthday party, Giardini Galbiati organises an educational gardening workshop for little ones, where children can play with soil and seeds. The gardeners will also help your child plant a flower, paint the container and let them take it home with them.  
Via Rombon, 97 20134 Milan
02 26413810
Walter Pisati offers a wide selection of furniture, furnishings and decorative objeccts. If you miss the Designers Guild and India Jane stores in London, this is the shop for you. Don't look at the store's website though as it really doesn't do it justice. 
Viale Coni Zugna, 53 20144 Milan
02 89410481


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