This amazing indoor climbing gym in the Mecenate area offers group and individual climbing lessons to both adults and children at all levels. Lessons can also be arranged in the great outdoors with Alpine Guides.Rock Spot also offers a great alternative for birthday parties. For 1.5 hours children, assisted by instructors, can climb. A room is set aside for relatives and refreshments. Summer camps are also available for children - see website for further details. Rock Spot has also opened a indoor climbing gym in Via Gramsci 29, Pero (tel: 02 93549162 or
Via Gaudenzio Fantoli, 15/1/i 20138 Milan
02 92801976
One to Three believes in the full immersion of children in the English language, which is taught by their English mother tongue or Italian mother tongue teachers who have an excellent knowledge of the English language. Parents are continuously kept updated as to the progress of their child. One to Three has a nursery school for children aged 12 months to 36 months and a kindergarden for 3 to 6 year olds.One to Three's Viale Premuda school is situated in a quiet, central area of Milan. Much thought and effort has been put into the organisation of space, choice of furnishings and the materials used. Both the nursery and kindergarden have use of the large terrace situated on the first floor. Children are free to express their creativity in the workshop and mini-workshop (atelier).
Viale Premuda, 38/A 20129 Milan
02 76006795 - 335 7528772
Kid's Cot is a native English-speaking school located in the heart of Milan. The nursery can accommodate up to 60 children aged 6 to 36 months and the Kindergarten up to 70 children aged 3 to 6 years. Kid's Cot haS developed an educational program completely in English that follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage. All teachers are mother-tongue English speakers. Kid's Cot on-site kitchen prepares the children's daily meals.There is an indoor play area, as well as an outdoor play area complete with swings, slides, tunnels, houses and planters for the older children to use for gardening. Kid's Cot also organises extra curricular courses open to everyone, such as English, swimming, dance (3-5 year olds) and art workshops.English courses are aimed at children aged 18 months to 8 years old and involve play, music, movement, art and story telling.The art workshop allows children to play with materials such as clay, salt dough, playdough and more! Using their hands and simple tools they are able to make the most of their innate abilities and their creativity to produce works of art! This course is suitable for children from 3 to 5 years.Swimming courses are for children aged 4 months to 5 year olds as well as pregnant mothers. Please see Kid Cot's website for further details. Kid's Cot will also host and arrange your child's birthday party. 
Via Orti, 18 20122 Milan
02 36592694
Sir James Henderson has been providing a British education to its pupils since 1969. It currently has 800 pupils aged 3 to 18 representing 41 nationalities. The school is recognised by the Italian education authorities as well as the British government's Department of Education. Sir James Henderson offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme so that pupils can be accepted into any university world-wide. Sir James Henderson also boasts one of the best music and arts programmes in Europe and every Christmas it holds a wonderful Carol concert in Santa Maria del Carmine. 
Via Pisani Dossi, 16 20134 Milan
02 210941
The St. Louis School of Milan is a private International school catering for 750 pupils from 2 to 18 years old. Its curriculum is based on the British National Curriculum with the option of an Italian stream for children fluent in Italian. I have a lot of friends who said there kids here and they are very happy.
Via Enrico Caviglia, 1 20139 Milan
Tel. 02.552.312.35 – Fax 02 566.108.85
Just behind one of Milan's busiest nightlife spots, Porta Ticinese, this park was fenced off and cleaned up several years ago. It now offers local residents the opportunity to relax on the grass during the nice weather, people watch, walk their dogs or take their kids to the small play areas dotted around the park. This park connects the Basilica di San Lorenzo and Basilica di Sant'Eustorgio, but you will need to cross Via Santa Sofia to visit all of it.
Piazza della Vetra, 1 Milan
Ludum has recently re-organised and added yet more jewels to its crown. Ludum is now divided into Ludum Educational, Ludum After School and Ludum Adulita' (acqua gym courses).Ludum Educational offers a bilingual: Nursery School; Preschool and Elementary School (opening September 2013).The Nursery School is for children aged 3 to 36 months and combines English and Italian so that children have a natural and spontaneous introduction to the English language. Ludum ensures that there an even number of both Italian and English mother tongue teachers.The Preschool is for children aged 3 to 6 years old and encourages the Mediterranean culture, creativity and innovation in a bilingual environment.September 2013 will see the opening of Ludum's bilingual Elementary School where subjects will be taught in either English (e.g. Maths) or Italian (e.g. History and Geography). Ludum After School offers swimming courses for mother and babies aged 3 to 36 months as well as older children. Ludum also gives the opportunity for anyone to book a 30 minute slot in the pool on Sunday afternoons. Ludum After School also organises the Ludum English Club where children can spend the afternoon learning English; Parent and Child Club and Creative Laboratories for children.Ludum also rents out its swimming pool for parties as well as its large indoor play area complete with slides, ramps and tunnels. The play area can get very noisy but children love it. My sons are particularly lively so I wouldn’t let them go until they were 4 years old for fear of them hurting themselves.
Via Pietrasanta, 14 20141 Milan
02 56816429
F.C. Vigejunior is located along Milan's Naviglio Pavese and is sponsored by Inter Milan. Football lovers aged 4 upwards are welcome to join. F.C. Vigejunior also organises summer football camps for boys and girls. 
Via Sant’Abbondio 4 20142 Milan
02 89500915
This multifunctional space in the heart of Milan offers a wide range of services aimed at mothers-to-be, new mothers and children. bhu-m holds pre-natal, gymnastic, yoga and massage courses as well as therapy sessions for mothers in their 3 month of pregnancy until birth. While pilates courses are aimed at helping new mums get back into shape, and pediatricians and midwives are brought in to hold breast feeding sessions as well as baby massage courses.A large number of courses are also available for children such as, kindermusic (a combination of music and English), creative art classes, cooking courses and gymnastics. See bhu-m's website for further details. bhu-m also rents out its large indoor space for children’s parties every Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon. You can cater the party yourself using bhu-m's kitchen or they will organise everything you need. It is ideal for smaller children as they provide mats, cushions and toys. 
Via Bianca di Savoia, 7 20122 Milan
02 45546958
Did you know that Lombardy was once famous for its aircraft industry? It was companies like Caproni, Agusta, Aermacchi and Siai Marchetti,  pioneers in this industry, that put Lombardy on the map. That rich history can be admired today not ten minutes walk from Malpensa Airport at Volandia: the biggest aircraft museum in Italy.The former Caproni Aeronautics Worskhop of 1910 is now home to this enormous museum. Here visitors can admire the conquest of the skies, from pioneering balloon flights and the first airplanes at the beginning of the twentieth century to the AW609 tiltrotor: a perfect combination between vertical and horizontal flight. There are hundreds of things to see at Volandia: the first Italian biplane (Ca.1) that took flight in 1910; the Piazzai collection with 1,200 scale models of aircrafts; a reproduction of an Apollo mission Command Module, the diorama of the Moon and much, much more. Many of the exhibits are interactive and children love climbing on board some the airplanes and helicopters as well as gazing at the skies in the planetarium. Volandia also houses a large indoor and  outdoor area for children (especially little ones) and 15 flight simulators for adults and teenagers (although we suggest you call in advance for more information and availability). Volandia is also home to the largest Italian model railway, the "Ideal City" buildt by Prof. Ogliari. Perfect for all railway geeks of any age. This amazing museum is open from 10.00 to 19.00 on Tuesdays to Fridays and 10.00 to 19.30 on Saturdays and Sundays from March to November. During the winter (December to February) Volandia is only open on Sundays from 10.00 to 22.00.If you are looking for fun summer camps for your children in both English and Italian, take a look at Volandia's website for more details!
Via per Tornavento, 15 Case Nuove 21019 Somma Lombardo (VA)
0331 230007


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