Bio Express was one of the first organic fruit and vegetable home delivery services to arrive in Milan. Behind the name is a group of organic farmers from Alto Adige who, together with other organic producers from around Italy, grow, pick and deliver their fresh produce direct to your door every week. Bio Express offers basic bags or boxes of seasonal fruit and/or vegetables for singles, couples and families, the contents of which are listed weekly on Bio Express's website. If you want to tailor the contents of your box you can do so under the section "Mio Bio Express" or if you need to cancel or change a delivery simply send an email to Bio Express three days before delivery is due. Prices vary according to weight, single bags (3-4kg) cost €17, medium boxes (6-8kg) cost €25 and large boxes (9-12kg) cost €35. (Prices may vary so we suggest you refer to Bio Express's website). Please note that the exotic fruit is not local produce and is imported for obvious reasons.Bio Express also offers a "Borsa d'ufficio" (Work Snack Bag) which consists of a wooden bag or crate full of fruit, vegetables and snacks that you can eat with your hands without any preparation (prices start from €18). For children being weaned onto solids, Bio Express has devised the "Bio Borsa baby"  which has everything a parent needs to make their toddler's meals.It is also possible to order organic milk, eggs, apple juice, pasta, chewing gum, cooked meats, tomato sauce etc. through Bio Express's website. To join simply send an email with your personal details, fiscal code and IBAN to or call their freephone number (800892838). Payment can be made by direct debit, credit card, bank transfer or postal order. Don't forget to return your empty box every week or you will be charged €2.50.   
45 via Steinach Lagundo BZ 39022
800 892838
One of the many joys of living in Milan is that everyone here really takes their food seriously and I don't just mean the finished product, but also the raw materials lovingly put into every meal. The "chilometro zero" or farmers' market movement has steadily been taking root over the last few years and thanks to local demand, local food producers have wised up and are selling their fresh produce directly to the consumer, thereby cutting out the middle man and reducing the carbon footprint. Imagine my joy this morning when I came across a number of local producers who sell their produce every second and fourth week of the month in Piazza S. Nazaro in Brolo along Corso di Porta Romana. Not only did I get to taste the delicious cheeses, salami, jams, fruit, wine and honey on sale but I actually got to ask questions about the products themselves which I never get the chance to do when buying in a supermarket or over the internet. I also picked up some great recipes to boot!Definitely try the Riserva San Massimo Canaroli rice, which according to its grower is used by Michelin star chefs around the world. We also loved the goats cheeses, chestnut honey, wild boar paté and fresh walnuts. I'm not sure I'm game to try the blood sausage yet though!  
Piazza S. Nazaro in Brolo Milan
Set in the beautiful cloisters of the Spazio Auditorium dell'Umanitaria, Popogusto - an organic farmers' market - is held from 10am to 6pm every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.On sale you will find delicious fruit, vegetables, bread, jams, honey, cheeses, hams, chocolate, wine, oil, juices, preserves, spices and much more. All the produce is guaranteed to be organic or at the very least local - thereby reducing its carbon footprint.  As it's held on a Saturday you don't need to worry about the congestion charge (Area C).
Spazio Auditorium dell'Umanitaria Via San Barnaba, 48 Milan
02 5796831
You may have already seen one of Straberry's brightly coloured ape cars in a piazza around Milan. They sell strawberries and fruits of the forest which arrive every day from the countryside to the East of Milan where they are grown so that they do not have a carbon footprint. On Straberry's website you can trace the origin of all their products by simply inserting the product's code where indicated and you can see where, when and who picked the fruit. Please support this initiative and go onto Straberry's Facebook page: to find Straberry's nearest ape car ladened with delicious, eco friendly strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries!
Cascina Pirola via XXV Aprile Cassina de Pecchi (MI)
Situated on the hills above Volpedo, birthplace of the artist Giuseppe Pellizza, Paola Finetti's farm is about 80 km from Milan.The farm covers approximately 9 hectars of hillside where the chickens and pigs can roam freely and where Paola and Alberto grow apricots and figs as well as cereals and pulses used to feed the animals. All the fields and crops are certified as being organic by the ICEA, while the animals are raised using organic farming methods - although they are not actually certified as being such. Chickens are sold as a whole, in halves or pieces, although you have to buy the whole chicken. Bear in mind that the chickens are so fresh that you will need to let the meat rest for three days before you cook them. The pork is sold in 5kg vacuum packs of assorted cuts which (usually) include shoulder and leg cuts for roasting, chops, ribs, "coppa" cuts complete with bone, slices of "lonza". You can also add pork shins or fillet to your packs on request.  Paola and Alberto also sell salami, pancetta, guanciale,  lard and delicious, fresh eggs.Currently products are sold through GAS's (Gruppo Acquisto Solidali) or direct to consumers. Alberto can deliver your order direct to your door, although you will need to arrange dates and times with Paola by email. Paola and Alberto are happy for you to go along and visit their farm. Just send them an email in advance!You will not be disappointed, the meat is truly delicious and you really can taste the difference! 
Strada Cascinetta, 9 15059 Volpedo (AL)
340 3018233 3383682045
Until a few years ago Cascina Cuccagna was just an abandoned green area. Now thanks to a group of volonteers it has become a little green oasis where you can pass your free time in familial surroundings and forget that you are in the middle of a large city.Cascina Cuccagna is a versatile place which encourages people to come together and participate in cultural, artistic, cooking, origami and carpentry workshops as well as recycling projects... to name but a few.Cascina Cuccagna also organises workshops and courses for children such as: drama, English, toy making, cooking etc. Don't forget to book the themed workshops organised at Easter, Christmas, Halloween etc. Numbers are limited and they are well worth taking your children to. The Mercato Agricolo della Cuccagna  has been an enormous success. Every Monday, from 15.30 to 20.00, farmers with small holdings and artisans sell their fresh seasonal produce, much of which is organic. Cascina Cuccagna is a great place to go for lunch or an afternoon snack with kids as, if the weather permits, they can play on the lawn. Otherwise why not go for an aperatif or dinner? The restaurant "Un posto a Milano" offers vegetarian dishes, pasta based dishes and a wide selection of main courses, many of which are glutin free. There are also dishes specifically for children This little corner of countryside in the heart of Milan is definitely worth checking out!   
Via Cuccagna 2/4 angolo via Muratori 20135 Milano
02 83421007
Lov Organic, famous for its organic teas, herbal teas and fruit flavoured water, has opened its' first boutique in Milan's culinary centre just round the corner from big names such as: Peck, Laduree', Pescheria Spadari and Michelin star restaurant - Cracco. Here you can discover all of Lov Organic's products, ask for tips regarding different herbal infusions and how to make them. If you are already a client, don't throw away your original tin as Lov Organic will sell you refills. Lov Organic has an enormous choice of teas, ranging from Japanese organic green teas such as Sencha and Genmaicha to South African Rooibos and Honeybush which are theine (or caffeine) free as well as herbal infusions made of spices, herbs and fruit. The modern decor is extremely attractive, with natural wooden furniture and LED lights which together with the coloured jars, wonderful packaging and sleek ceramic and wooden boxes make a trip to the store worthwhile!
Via Victor Hugo 3 20123 Milano
02 8900646
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