Great fun is to be had by all at Paint Ball Milano. Whether you want to go on a manhunt in the woods or slide and jump around the speedball field, Paintball Milan offers the perfect adrenaline rush. Little ones (7 to 12 years old) have access to Kids Field (although they must be at least 110/110cm tall). The rules here are the same as the adult version but the JT Splatmasters have been especially adapted for children (i.e. they are spring operated guns and not air guns).A protective mask, military fatigues, neck protector, body armour, gloves,  JT SPLATMASTER Marker and paintballs are all included in the price. All the paintballs are 100% biodegradible and washable. During the summer (April to October) Paint Ball Milano is open Monday to Fridays from 15.00 to 20.00 and 10.00 to 21.00 Saturdays and Sundays. During the winter months (November to March) Paint Ball Milano is open from 15.00 to 19.00 Mondays to Fridays and from 10.00 to 19.00 Saturdays and Sundays. 
Via De Amicis, 6 Green Village Buccinasco
Did you know that Lombardy was once famous for its aircraft industry? It was companies like Caproni, Agusta, Aermacchi and Siai Marchetti,  pioneers in this industry, that put Lombardy on the map. That rich history can be admired today not ten minutes walk from Malpensa Airport at Volandia: the biggest aircraft museum in Italy.The former Caproni Aeronautics Worskhop of 1910 is now home to this enormous museum. Here visitors can admire the conquest of the skies, from pioneering balloon flights and the first airplanes at the beginning of the twentieth century to the AW609 tiltrotor: a perfect combination between vertical and horizontal flight. There are hundreds of things to see at Volandia: the first Italian biplane (Ca.1) that took flight in 1910; the Piazzai collection with 1,200 scale models of aircrafts; a reproduction of an Apollo mission Command Module, the diorama of the Moon and much, much more. Many of the exhibits are interactive and children love climbing on board some the airplanes and helicopters as well as gazing at the skies in the planetarium. Volandia also houses a large indoor and  outdoor area for children (especially little ones) and 15 flight simulators for adults and teenagers (although we suggest you call in advance for more information and availability). Volandia is also home to the largest Italian model railway, the "Ideal City" buildt by Prof. Ogliari. Perfect for all railway geeks of any age. This amazing museum is open from 10.00 to 19.00 on Tuesdays to Fridays and 10.00 to 19.30 on Saturdays and Sundays from March to November. During the winter (December to February) Volandia is only open on Sundays from 10.00 to 22.00.If you are looking for fun summer camps for your children in both English and Italian, take a look at Volandia's website for more details!
Via per Tornavento, 15 Case Nuove 21019 Somma Lombardo (VA)
0331 230007
Until a few years ago Cascina Cuccagna was just an abandoned green area. Now thanks to a group of volonteers it has become a little green oasis where you can pass your free time in familial surroundings and forget that you are in the middle of a large city.Cascina Cuccagna is a versatile place which encourages people to come together and participate in cultural, artistic, cooking, origami and carpentry workshops as well as recycling projects... to name but a few.Cascina Cuccagna also organises workshops and courses for children such as: drama, English, toy making, cooking etc. Don't forget to book the themed workshops organised at Easter, Christmas, Halloween etc. Numbers are limited and they are well worth taking your children to. The Mercato Agricolo della Cuccagna  has been an enormous success. Every Monday, from 15.30 to 20.00, farmers with small holdings and artisans sell their fresh seasonal produce, much of which is organic. Cascina Cuccagna is a great place to go for lunch or an afternoon snack with kids as, if the weather permits, they can play on the lawn. Otherwise why not go for an aperatif or dinner? The restaurant "Un posto a Milano" offers vegetarian dishes, pasta based dishes and a wide selection of main courses, many of which are glutin free. There are also dishes specifically for children This little corner of countryside in the heart of Milan is definitely worth checking out!   
Via Cuccagna 2/4 angolo via Muratori 20135 Milano
02 83421007
This is the castello sforzesco
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