[English version to follow shortly] Oggi vi raccontiamo il nostro brunch da Les Pommes, piccolo bistrot aperto dalle 12 fino alle 24  in zona Isola, l'area di Milano tanto in voga attualmente e recentemente celebrata con un articolo "ad hoc" dal New York Times! Tutta questa attenzione sul quartiere Isola a noi ricorda un pò il clamore che si era creato una decina di anni fa su un'altra zona di Milano un pò periferica, parliamo di via Savona e dintorni. I riflettori su via Savona si sono spenti, anche se rimangono magnifici locali ed ottimi ristoranti.Che dire quindi di questo grazioso bistrot? All'ombra dei grattacieli di ultima costruzione, Les Pommes è uno dei tanti locali aperti recentemente, che creano un'atmosfera molto intima, accanto alle vecchie botteghe artigianali da sempre presenti in questa zona.Il locale è piccolino, un pò buio per i nostri gusti (di sera sicuramente è più apprezzato), l'atmosfera è raffinata, l'arredamento è ricercato, con bellissime librerie a giorno dai profili in ottone, arricchite di cubotti in legno colorati. I tavoli sono forse un pò vicini e creano molta intimità. Sicuramente non è consigliato per gruppi numerosi.Il brunch è organizzato solo la domenica, ogni piatto è servito con una spremuta d'arancia, caffè americano, pane e marmellata ed una pannocchia grigliata. Si può poi scegliere tra diverse portate principali che vanno dall'hamburger alle uova trapazzate, ai pancakes, al salmone.Gli altri giorni il pranzo e la cena sono a la carte, con un menù che si adatta alla stagione in corso, ma diciamo che le insalate, i sandwich, i burger non mancano mai. Per la cena si trovano proposte più delicate di carne e pesce, oltre a primi con pasta fatta a mano. Per il dopocena, ci sono degli ottimi cocktails, tra i quali spicca il Les Pommes d'or, molto chic già dal nome!A noi è piaciuto molto sia il brunch che il pranzo infrasettimanale, quindi lo consigliamo sicuramente con la raccomandazione di ricordarsi di dare un colpo di telefono in anticipo, se si va appositamente. Se invece siete casualmente in zona, fate un salto, magari siete fortunati e trovate un tavolino libero. 
Via Pastrengo 7 Milano
02 87074765
CAP may seem a strange choice of name for a restaurant, but as it’s an acronym for “just caught” ("cucinato appena pescato", it suits it perfectly!We discovered this restaurant a while back when looking for somewhere new to eat, and CAP is proof that if you know where to go in Milan you can eat excellent fish. In fact, we liked it so much that we have been back on numerous occasions and have only just brought ourselves to share it with you!Low lighting illuminates the bare brick walls, giving CAP a cool urban vibe without requiring you to whip out your mobile phone to read the menu with your torch app. The décor is eclectic yet elegant, the service is attentive and helpful while the menu is a perfect balance of raw and cooked dishes. As the name states, everything on the menu is fresh from the fish market that day, so sometimes the menu may vary. What we particularly like about CAP is the tweaks made to certain traditional Italian fish dishes and the use of unusual ingredients that gave the dishes a refreshing lift. One of our favourite appetisers is ‘Splash’ (scallops on a bed of leeks), but we are also very partial to the crunchy octopus served on a bed of courgettes. To follow the home made 'spaghetti with clams and bottarga' and home made 'paccheri with pureed chickpeas, clams and black basil' are always a big hit. For main course you can never go wrong with the 'fish of the day' or 'mixed fried calamari, prawns, crayfish and small white fish'. However, one of our favouritesis the 'monkfish in Barolo with sea asparagus and fresh wild mushroom salad'. Don't forget to leave space for the cheesecake: simply delicious.An added bonus for many is that CAP is also child friendly and offers children seats, although truth be told, we have never seen any children in the evening. Definitely one to go back to (and we do, frequently)! P
Via Bernardino Corio 8 20135 Milano
02 5461792
Don't let the name fool you. Giancarlo Morelli's Trattoria Trombetta is not a simple trattoria. Sleek, urban and Milanese chic: Trattoria Trombetta serves up delicious traditional dishes with a modern twist. Chickpea puree with crunchy octopus and rosemary oil (crema di ceci, olio di rosmarino e piovra croccante); caramelised artichoke heart with toasted polenta and pecorino cheese (cuore di carciofo caramellato, polenta di storo tostata e pecorino giovane); marinated steak tartare with Russian salad (insalata russa e carpaccio di fassona marinato); pappardella with wild boar, cardamon and a rich meat gravy (pappardella, battuta di cinghiale profumato di cardamamo e riduzione di salsa bruna); fusilli with fresh spinach, parmesan fondue and crispy bacon (fusillone con spinaci freschi, fonduta di parmigiano e pancetta crispy);  slow cooked beef with Jerusalem artichoke and sweet garlic sauce (bavetta di manzo, topinambur e salsa all'aglio dolce);  free range cockerel  cooked with onions, potatoes and served with a citrus hollandaise sauce (galletto ruspante, cipolla, patate e olandese agrumata); bergamot cheese cake with a chocolate and cereal wafer (cheese cake al bergamotto e cialda di cioccolato ai cereali); shortcrust pastry filled with cooked apple and served with custard cream (frolla ripiena di mele e crema pasticcera), almond biscuit with a vanilla cream and ice-cream (sbrisolona, bavarese alla vaniglia e il suo gelato). Each dish is lovingly laid out on white porcelain plates and the menu varies according to the seasons and the fresh produce of the day. Some may find portions small, but we thought they were perfect for those wishing to indulge in a three course meal with wine.  Trattoria Trombetta is ideally located in a pedestrian area just off of Viale Tunisia, making it a great place to sit outside in the warmer months and savour one of the delicious cocktails on offer. We loved the Basil Honey! Our only criticism was that service was a little slow, however, when in good company you don't even notice! Excellent value for money: approximately  €60 per head for a three course meal including wine and a pre-dinner cocktail.
Largo Bellintani, 1 Milan
02 35941975
Last night we had the honour of keeping stellar chef Matias Perdomo on his toes with our complicated dietary requirements. Our team of foodies took it upon themselves to sample the 10 course "specchio e riflesso" menu which is basically a surprise. We were asked for a list of what we don't eat, can't eat or won't eat - which between the three of us was surprisingly long - and then we just had to sit and wait. We were not disappointed.  Our taste buds and palettes were indeed delighted with a wide selection of dishes and flavours. The amouse bouche of "Bon bon di fegatelli di piccione, crue di cacao tostato con base di salsa all’arancia e crumble di noci" (a bon bon made from pigeon liver, toasted cacao on a orange and nut crumble base), Matias's signature "sarda in saor gelatificata alla menta" (Venetian sweet and sour sardine in a mint gelatine) and "creme brûlé di fichi e foie gras con spolverata di curry" (foie gras creme brûlé with a sprinkling of curry) were a delight. Then followed a stream of beautifully presented dishes of: noodles di capasanta parmigiano e limone (noodles with scallops, lemon and parmesan), (cozze pelose con cacio e pepe) hairy mussels with pecorino cheese and black pepper, ravioli with carmelised onions and caviar, rognoni di coniglio (rabbit kidneys), diaframma chimiciurri e patata americana (diaphram with chimiciurri sauce and sweet potato), triglia e mozzarella (red mullet and mozzerella) to name but a few. To be honest I was so overcome that I forgot to keep note of the delicacies I was sampling at a certain point. However, the culmination of our delicious meal was the mouth watering desserts: sassi di cioccolato e zenzero (chocolate and ginger 'stones'), caramelised tarte tartin, Pulp Fiction (meringue, white chocolate with gold white chocolate bullets), and torta di rose with creamy vanilla ice-cream. I vaguely remember having to refuse the last savoury dish in order to leave room for the desserts for fear of exploding. Contraste is not easy to find, however. Hidden away in a courtyard at the end of Corso San Gottardo, barely distinguishable except for a small plaque illuminating the gate. The interior is spacious and relaxing with a few quirky contemporary art pieces set against 19th century painted high ceilings. Guests are seated at large, round tables dotted around the room at sufficient distance not to allow eavesdropping.  I think our only doubt after our sumptuous meal was: Why doesn't Contraste have a Michelin star? It is definitely our favourite haute cuisine restaurant of the moment, although it does have a price tag to match. Definitely one for a special occasion or for those of you who are, like us, true foodies. 
Via Giuseppe Meda, 2 20136 Milan
02 4953 6597
Via Salasco might strike you as an odd location for a trendy florist cum restaurant cum coffee shop, but as soon as you walk through the door you can understand why the owner Rosalba Piccini fell in love with it. This large space is artfully divided so that it is both versatile and spacious yet incredibly intimate. Vases brimming with flowers; plants; cacti; bulbs; flower arrangements; kokedama; candles; plant pots and containers as well as clothing and home accessories adorn every available surface: all of which are for sale. You could quite easily mistake Potafiori for a botanist's front room (one with exquisite taste and who has a thing for hanging coloured garments from the ceiling). We particulary like Potafiori's ingenious 'flower sushi': a selection of freshly cut flowers wrapped in William Morris fabric which make excellent table centre pieces or dinner party gifts.  The day at Potafiori starts at 9am with a delicious breakfast of pastries from Cuki and Longoni, organic teas, coffees, juices as well as bread and jam, followed by lunch served from 12.30 to 14.30 (Potavolo), then afternoon tea and aperativo culminating with dinner. The evening we went to Potafiori for dinner we enjoyed a delicious starter of Salmon tartar with avocado, philadelphia, lime and filo pastry, followed by casoncelli (stuffed pasta) with bacon, butter, parmesan and sage, then braised pork cheek with ginger, mashed potato, bay leaf and shallots. While our dinner companions opted for the Steak tartar with roasted dates, rocket and parmesan as well as the grilled fish with spinach and a citrus sauce. The highlight of the evening, however, was when Rosalba burst into song and treated us to a couple of MIna songs. For those of you who don't know, Rosalba is a jazz singer who used to sing at the famous Blue Note jazz club.  Rosalba also holds 'Potafiori' flower arranging work shops on Saturday afternoons. For more details contact Potafiori directly.In case you were wondering if you were in the right street, just look out for trees, shrubs and wicker baskets full of seasonal plants that line the pavement. 
Via Salasco, 17 Milan
02 87065930
We've been meaning to tell you for ages about this little restaurant that opened a few years ago in a piazzetta amongst the skyscrapers of Porta Nuova. The name itself evokes a wonderful Parisian bistrot, as do the black and white chequered floor tiles, white window fittings, whitewashed tables and dressers and the vintage style tableware and fittings. While the low lighting and candles give the bistrot a romantic atmosphere in the evening.During the warmer months, the Petit Bistro's pièce de résistance is its outdoor space decorated with giant sun umbrellas, metal tables and chairs and carefully tended planters. The street is closed off to traffic making the Petit Bistro a relaxing and delightful place to lunch or dine. The menu offers both meat and fish dishes using ingredients from various Italian regions with fusion flavours, such as Teryiaki Salmon cooked in banana leaf with bean sprouts or Chicken kebabs with Satay sauce.Petit Bistrot is in vogue at the moment so we recommend that you book in advance especially if you want to eat outside! Oh, if you're passing through Miami make sure you go and visit the Petit Bistro restaurant there. 
Via A. Vespucci 5 20124 Milano
02 89690870
Biosserì is a restaurant, delicatessan, coffee shop, ice-cream and yoghurt parlour and pizzeria all rolled into one together with the magic word "organic" or "bio"! Thanks to its partnership with Naura Sì - the Italian organic supermarket chain - Biosserì has opened the first organic restaurant in Milan after its success in Palermo.The owners and masterminds behind this project have taken heed of people's concerns about the environment and the increased demand for environmentally friendly products, using Naura Sì's products to prepare the dishes proposed by Biosserì. Even the the paint used on the walls, the cleaning detergents, take-away packaging and the paper on which the menus are printed are environmentally friendly.As for the menù: there is a wide selection to satisfy all tastes. You may choose from vegan dishes, raw fish or meat, soups, plates of cheese and cooked meats, pizza, rice of every type, salads etc.In addition to lunch and dinner, Biosserì offers Sunday brunch as well as delicious aperatifs with smoothies, artisinal beer, organic wine etc. Breakfast offers a selection of coffees, fresh juices, vitamin packed smoothies, croissants, cakes and tarts (using different types of flour), the choice is endlessWi-fi is free and there is a lounge area surrounded by plants where you can read the paper, as well as areas for family meals or more intimate ones. Biosserì offers take-away through "Deliveroo" What can we say? We love it!
Via Fatebenefratelli 2 Milano
02 89071052
Every now and then it's nice to eat somewhere away from the spotlights, maybe somewhere that's not super fashionable but where you can still be pleasantly surprised. That basically sums up Manna. Located between Viale Monza and Viale Padova, Manna is not easy to find nor is it particularly inviting from the outside, but trust us, in this case looks are definitely deceiving!At the helm is Matteo Fronduti, chef and owner, who offers creative Italian cuisine with interesting dishes that combine unusual ingredients in a delightful way. The menu may not be extensive but it varies according to the seasons and each dish has its own particular name (often amusing ones) that are explained personally by Matteo who also takes the orders. What the decor lacks in warmth (don't get any funny ideas about romantic candle lit dinners for two) the food definitely makes up for in originality and value for money. Something that is often overlooked in the city of fashion and design...We definitely recommend that you give it a try, you won't be disappointed.   
Piazzale Governo Provvisorio 6 20127 Milano
02 26809153
I may be unfashionable but brunch is my least favourite meal (and I LOVE to eat), that was until I tried the buffet at Il Santa. Located at the feet of Palazzo Lombarda this unexpected restaurant with unmistakable Veuve Cliquot awnings offers a delicious buffet of freshly prepared dishes that are constantly replenished throughout the meal. Gone are those ghastly heated food servers that dry out and shrivel up what usually passes for food. Instead, Il Santa offers a wide selection of cold or tepid antipasti, such as fish carpaccio served with raw fennel and oranges or buffalo mozzerella served on a bed of panzanella with a light pesto dressing. To follow there are a number of pasta dishes: beautifully cooked crespelle with spinach and asparagus; pasta al forno with a superb ragu sauce, mozzarella and rich bechamel sauce; agnolotti with sage and butter; salted cod bake (which again I usually hate but in this case it was divine) and fusilli with tomato sauce (for the younger and less adventurous clientele). If you still have space there is a meat or fish dish to follow and last but not least a wide selection of homemade desserts, fresh fruit, biscuits and marshmallows. The buffet brunch is really reasonably priced at €25 per head and we also enjoyed an amazing Barolo (DodiciDodici di Castello di Cigognola) which Angelo suggested we try (€20). Stefano Grandi, the man behind the stove so to speak, is well known for his culinary skills and his 'take' on Lombardy cuisine. Stefano always adds little twists to traditional dishes such as those on the dinner menu: pumpkin soup with amaretti and sour cream, cockrel cooked with stones, fusilli with a carbonara sauce and Iberian bacon, Sicilian tuna tartar and Giulia meat loaf. We've also eaten at Il Santa in the evening and you can an easily eat a 3 course meal as portions aren't huge but the Sunday brunch is definitely Il Santa's piece de resistance. 
Palazzo Lombarda Via Melchiorre Gioia, 37 20124 Milan
02 66703715
Seta is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or treat yourself to Michelin star chef Antonio Guida's divine cuisine. Located inside the Mandarin Oriental hotel, Seta is an oasis of calm and elegance. As soon as you step inside the door, the attention to detail is evident in even the smallest of things; staff are welcoming and attentive, the service is impeccable and the atmosphere is modern yet refined with large open spaces, an abundance of velvet, exquisite lamps, black and white marble and enormous vases overflowing with stunning floral arrangements. If the weather permits, make sure you ask for a table in the restaurant's elegant courtyard which is kept cool during the relentless summer heat thanks to an ingenious air-conditioning system. For those of you not familiar with chef Antonio Guida's cuisine, prepare to have your tastebuds delighted with his carefully composed dishes: cavolfiore con salsa al latte di mandorla, succo di yuzu e di frutti di mare (cauliflower served with almond milk, yuzu and seafood), riso in Cagnone con verdure, maccagno e polvere di lampone (risotto with vegetables, maccagno cheese and powdered raspberry) (one of the best risotto's we've ever tasted), coda di rospo con nocciole e salsa alla liquerizia (monk fish served with hazelnuts and liquorice sauce). While you are waiting for your meal enjoy the mouth-watering amuse-bouche with a glass of prosecco or wine from the extensive wine list. Try and resist emptying the bread basket full of homemade, light, super thin grissini and Altamura bread served with salted or alga butter, so you can make sure you have room for dessert.The dessert menu is to die for, as are the selection of pre-desserts. We tried the cioccolato al lime, salsa al caramello e fior di sale e gelato all'avena (lime flavoured chocolate with caramel sauce, salt and oat ice-cream) as well as parfait di liquirizia con cristalli e foglie di tabacco Kentuchy, pere alle spezie e crema al caffe' (liquorice parfait with crystallised tobacco leaves, spiced pears and coffee cream). Heavenly!Definitely an experience to remember! 
Via Andegari 9 20121 Milano
02 87318897


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