Sir James Henderson has been providing a British education to its pupils since 1969. It currently has 800 pupils aged 3 to 18 representing 41 nationalities. The school is recognised by the Italian education authorities as well as the British government's Department of Education. Sir James Henderson offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme so that pupils can be accepted into any university world-wide. Sir James Henderson also boasts one of the best music and arts programmes in Europe and every Christmas it holds a wonderful Carol concert in Santa Maria del Carmine. 
Via Pisani Dossi, 16 20134 Milan
02 210941
The St. Louis School of Milan is a private International school catering for 750 pupils from 2 to 18 years old. Its curriculum is based on the British National Curriculum with the option of an Italian stream for children fluent in Italian. I have a lot of friends who said there kids here and they are very happy.
Via Enrico Caviglia, 1 20139 Milan
Tel. 02.552.312.35 – Fax 02 566.108.85
Ludum has recently re-organised and added yet more jewels to its crown. Ludum is now divided into Ludum Educational, Ludum After School and Ludum Adulita' (acqua gym courses).Ludum Educational offers a bilingual: Nursery School; Preschool and Elementary School (opening September 2013).The Nursery School is for children aged 3 to 36 months and combines English and Italian so that children have a natural and spontaneous introduction to the English language. Ludum ensures that there an even number of both Italian and English mother tongue teachers.The Preschool is for children aged 3 to 6 years old and encourages the Mediterranean culture, creativity and innovation in a bilingual environment.September 2013 will see the opening of Ludum's bilingual Elementary School where subjects will be taught in either English (e.g. Maths) or Italian (e.g. History and Geography). Ludum After School offers swimming courses for mother and babies aged 3 to 36 months as well as older children. Ludum also gives the opportunity for anyone to book a 30 minute slot in the pool on Sunday afternoons. Ludum After School also organises the Ludum English Club where children can spend the afternoon learning English; Parent and Child Club and Creative Laboratories for children.Ludum also rents out its swimming pool for parties as well as its large indoor play area complete with slides, ramps and tunnels. The play area can get very noisy but children love it. My sons are particularly lively so I wouldn’t let them go until they were 4 years old for fear of them hurting themselves.
Via Pietrasanta, 14 20141 Milan
02 56816429
One to Three believes in the full immersion of children in the English language, which is taught by their English mother tongue or Italian mother tongue teachers who have an excellent knowledge of the English language. Parents are continuously kept updated as to the progress of their child. One to Three has a nursery school for children aged 12 months to 36 months and a kindergarden for 3 to 6 year olds.One to Three's Via Quarenghi school is set in 600m2 and divided into three large, airy and bright areas with a large entrance. The school has two workshops (or atelier) set up with easels and tables, where the children can express their creativity with materials such as clay and recycled objects. There is also a kitchen where the children's meals are prepared according to their specific dietary requirements. One to Three also has a large garden for the children to explore and a large private car park for adults. 
Via Giacomo Quarenghi, 22 20151 Milan
329 6440502 - 335 7727528


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