For over 40 years Giannasi has been serving the Milanese a selection of barbequed, roasted, steamed and fried ready-made dishes at unbeatable prices.Situated in Piazza Buozzi, a few minutes walk from Porta Romana, this road side stall is unmissable due to the large queue which forms alongside it. Giannasi's roast chicken is legendary together with its roast potatoes, french fries and potato croquettes all of which can be bought to feed a family of four for approximately €15. If you are not a chicken lover, why not try Giannasi's: sausages, BBQ'd pork ribs, roast veal, stuffed roast turkey, lasagna (vegetarian and meat), cannelloni with ricotta and spinach, carbonara or ragù pasta, arancini (fried rice balls stuffed with ragù, ham and cheese or scamorza and speck), risotti, grilled and steamed vegetables, salads, flans, fried veal escalope, fried stuffed olives (olive ascolane), fried cod, fried calamari rings etc. Giannasi is great if you don't have time to cook or want to organise a last minute dinner with friends. Giannasi is open from 7.30 to 20.00 Tuesday to Saturday and Sunday mornings. 
Piazza Bruno Buozzi, 20135 Milan
02 5832 1114
Biosserì is a restaurant, delicatessan, coffee shop, ice-cream and yoghurt parlour and pizzeria all rolled into one together with the magic word "organic" or "bio"! Thanks to its partnership with Naura Sì - the Italian organic supermarket chain - Biosserì has opened the first organic restaurant in Milan after its success in Palermo.The owners and masterminds behind this project have taken heed of people's concerns about the environment and the increased demand for environmentally friendly products, using Naura Sì's products to prepare the dishes proposed by Biosserì. Even the the paint used on the walls, the cleaning detergents, take-away packaging and the paper on which the menus are printed are environmentally friendly.As for the menù: there is a wide selection to satisfy all tastes. You may choose from vegan dishes, raw fish or meat, soups, plates of cheese and cooked meats, pizza, rice of every type, salads etc.In addition to lunch and dinner, Biosserì offers Sunday brunch as well as delicious aperatifs with smoothies, artisinal beer, organic wine etc. Breakfast offers a selection of coffees, fresh juices, vitamin packed smoothies, croissants, cakes and tarts (using different types of flour), the choice is endlessWi-fi is free and there is a lounge area surrounded by plants where you can read the paper, as well as areas for family meals or more intimate ones. Biosserì offers take-away through "Deliveroo" www.deliveroo.it What can we say? We love it!
Via Fatebenefratelli 2 Milano
02 89071052
Unlike some Italian cities, Milan has never had a big street food scene: well not until recently. Pantura is another delicious addition to this recent Milanese street food craze. All you have to do is wait for a few minutes while your server toasts a slice of delicious Alta Mura bread, to which he will add mouth-watering toppings such as ripe tomatoes with olive oil and oregano on their own or with buffalo mozzerella or stracciatella. Or why not try Nouja (spicy spreadable salami) and stracciatella or ricotta and jam. To help wash down these delectable delights simply order a glass of wine, a beer, spritz or if you are feeling particularly virtuous a bottle of water. "Where can I find a Pantura cart?" you may ask. Well simply log on to Pantura's facebook page and they will tell you where they are in the city - https://www.facebook.com/PanturaStoriediCibo/timeline. The Colonne di San Lorenzo seems to be a particular favourite spot for Pantura. 
Luoghi vari
Yep, the hamburger craze is still in full swing in Milan and Fatto-Bene is another contender in the quest to make the ultimate Milanese burger. As this growing chain's name implies, Fatto-Bene's burgers are well-made!Fatto-Bene's latest addition is in Via Muratori and offers lean, meaty hamburgers in different sizes: 280g (Maxi), 180g (Regular) or 100g aka the Bimbo burger (a perfect size for little ones). You can choose one of Fatto-Bene's delicious burgers or pick and choose from the mixture of different fillings on offer. If you are not a red meat lover, why not opt for the GOLDEN CHICKEN BURGER (chicken breast with tomato, lettuce and bbq sauce) or the SALMON CHIC BURGER or even one of the vegetarian or vegan ones.  Our leading hamburger expert (my 10 year old son) devoured a regular OPENING BURGER  made with Piemontese meat, fontina d.o.p. cheese, tomato, browned Tropea onions, lettuce and mayonnaise served with oven baked potatoes and Maldon sea salt.Fatto-Bene sports a utilitarian style with white tiled walls, industrial overhead ceiling lamps and a generour dose of grey. Although quite stark, Fatto-Bene has a relaxed atmosphere and is a great place to grab a quick bite to eat, and thankfully for parents: children are very welcome.  Burger prices range from €10-16 and come complete with fries or oven baked potatoes. We haven't tried any of the other Fatto-Bene's restaurants as yet, but you can find their flagship restaurant in Via Vincenzo Monti, 56 (Tel: 02 45471824); as well as restaurants in Via Borsieri 1 and Via Buonarroti 8. 
Via Muratori, 10 Milan
02 5516812
California Bakery has become something of an institution in Milan. Dotted around the city, these coffee shops cum restaurants offer consistently excellent homemade, locally sourced American food which appeals to all ages in a warm and relaxed environment. If we had to choose a favourite location, however,  it would have to be Piazza Sant'Eustorgio which gets its name from the beautfiul 13th century church located there. On request you can sit outside under enormous umbrellas and enjoy the hustle and bustle of this recently gentrified area bursting with cool bars and shops such as Clori and Laura Urbinati which are just next door (see our Home Decor and Fashion Shops sections).   As for the food, California Bakery offers: proper American breakfast (pancakes, waffles etc), delicious New York style bagels packed with fresh ingredients such as 'NY Style' (smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, capers, Tropea red onion); fish burgers, vegetarian burgers and hamburgers in a bun with numerous different toppings and in two different sizes: 100g or 180g; Club Sandwiches; salads; quiches: hand cut chips etc. Oh yes, and how could we forget: the desserts. Luckily for our waistlines California Bakery sells their desserts in two different sizes: regular (aka huge)  and slim (more than enough to finish off a meal). If you love American style cheesecake then you must try the blueberry cheesecake or strawberry and rasperry one, but make sure you get to taste the chocolate and walnut brownie and the tart tartin too. Simply delicious! California Bakery also offers a children's menu with child sized portions of their favourite food. California Bakery in Piazza Sant'Eustorgio also offers a picnic service during the warm weather weekends. Clients can buy a selection of bagels, sandwiches, salads or quiches together with dessert and drinks which are supplied in a gorgeous, wicker picnic basket together with floor cushions and a picnic blanket. What better way to spend an afternoon than in the Parco delle Basiliche just behind the church laid out on a picnic blanket. If you are too busy to pop by to one of their restaurants, then California Bakery is happy to deliver within the city (see www.californiabakery.it/food/take-away-delivery.html).  Or if you want to learn how to make your favourite California Bakery dishes, they also organise courses for adults and children (see www.californiabakery.it/cooking-lab.html for more details).California Bakery also has restaurants usually open from 8 to midnight Monday to Saturday and 9 to midnight on Sundays in :Corso Como, 5 (Porta Garibaldi area); Corso Garibaldi 89 (Moscova area): Piazza San Simpliciano 7 (Brera area) (Tuesday to Friday 8 to 18.30 and 9 to 20.00 on weekends);Via Larga, 19 (near Duomo);Viale Premuda 44 (Porta Venezia area) (open from 7.30 on weekdays);Via San Vittore 2 (Sant'Ambrogio area).If you want to go for brunch or dinner especially during the weekends we suggest you make a booking through the central switchboard number (02 39811750).  
Piazza Sant'Eustorgio, 4
02 39811750
Basara is a recent addition to the flourishing gastronomic trade in Corso Italia, just five minutes walk from Duomo. This small minimalist restaurant is a relaxed eatery by day and a more sophisticated restaurant by night. At lunchtime Basara offers day trippers and local workers a delicious selection of cold and hot dishes that are quickly prepared with fresh ingredients. Simply order at the cash register from the a' la carte menu or choose one of Basara's set menus (e.g. miso soup, a generous selection of sushi and sashimi and salad for Euros 20), collect your number and chopsticks and wait at your table until it's ready to pick up from the counter (your buzzer will let you know when as it leaps around the table). We can definitely recommend the rice and prawns (hot dish) and rainbow sushi from the a' la carte. In the evening Basara transforms itself. Hidden wooden wall panels are folded away to hide the drinks refrigerator and lunch time accessories. Tables are adorned with table runners and laid with proper tableware while the lights are turned down low. The evening menu is slightly different although equally delicious.  If you're in a rush, you can always order on-line (www.basaramilano.it) and have your order delivered or pick it up from Corso Italia, 6 or Basara's other restaurant in Via Tortona, 12 Milan 20144 (02 83241025).
Corso Italia, 6 20122 Milan
02 72020141
Burbee is a great little hamburger joint that is open seven days a week from 12.30 to 15.30 and 19.30 until 00.30. Choose from a choice of prime Irish Angus beef, horse meat or the vegetarian option to put between your burger bun. As well as classic  plain, cheese or bacon and cheese burgers you will also find a number of specials on the menu, such as "Summer" with mint, lime and tomato or "All In" (tomato, iceberg lettuce, cheddar, bacon, blue cheese, aubergine, peppers, courgettes and onion) for those of you with a cast iron digestion! Otherwise why not make up your own from the list of "Additons" you'll find on the menu.Burbee is particularly well known for its selection of microbrewery beers which go down a treat. Choose from Chiara, Bianca, Bionda or Rossa - depending on what you choose to eat. Burbee's premises are quite small, so if you want to sit on one of the stools which line the walls, make sure you get there really early (preferably before opening time). Otherwise you'll be disappointed as it's always packed. Prices are really reasonable (approximately €15 for a burger, fries and beer).  
Via Castel Morrone, 7 20129 Milan
02 70103567
Just a few clicks and dinner is served! For the last 12 years Bacchette e Forchette has delivered food prepared by some of Milan's best known restaurants to people's doors. Over the years Bacchette e Forchette has increased the number of restaurants you can order from, and now you can order any type of cuisine such as: Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, Russia. Breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner can be served at home in attractive packaging within an hour of placing your order. You can also order icecream, desserts, wine or drinks on B&F's store and there is a restaurant that offers a completely gluten free menu.Orders have a minimum charge that varies according to where the meal is delivered. B&F have also introduced the concept of a Free Zone, which enables you to order food from restaurants in your area and have them delivered for free. Orders can be made directly through B&F's website (either as a registered or unregistered user) or by telephone on 02 48955141.We like Bacchette e Forchette not just for the quality of its service (which we have used often) but also because it delivers outside of Milan (unlike other take-away services). If you live in surrounding areas of Milan, just enter your postal/zip code (CAP) and see if you too can enjoy a great meal prepared by one of your favourite restaurants in your own home! For further details and to discover the list of restaurants you can order from, please go to B&F's website www.bacchetteforchette.it
02 48955141
I Pesciolini is a fishmonger, restaurant and bar all rolled into one. The young guys behind the counter will clean and prepare whatever is on sale from among the wide selection of very fresh fish and crustaceans they have on offer. If you are not quite sure how to cook it, just ask them and they will provide you with detailed yet simple instructions. If you don't feel like cooking they have a good selection of raw and cooked fish dishes which you can either eat on the premises (inside or al fresco at the tables on the pavement) or that you can simply take away. Take a look at their website for further details. Pesciolni is also a great place for an aperatif - why not try their delicious oysters with a glass of crisp white wine. 
Corso di Porta Romana, 51 20122 Milan
02 54100474
This is not a sushi bar is a small restaurant with only 10 seating places (always occupied), and a great place for lunch or a quick dinner. It's core business, however, is take-away and home delivery. You can book your lunch or dinner over the phone or on their website - this is not a sushi bar will deliver anywhere in Milan. The food is great and always prepared fresh (in other words, have a little patience when ordering take-away). You must try the delicious uramaki rainbow and the salmon chirashi. 
Via Nino Bixio, 18 20129 Milan
02 39432165


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