Want to release your inner Lara Croft or G.I Joe?  Then Xcalibur is the place for you. Here, equipped with high tech laser weaponry,  you can dodge fire and stalk opponents through haze filled battle zones. Either individually or as part of a team, gain points and race to see who wins the battle for overall supremacy.If you want to host a private birthday party or organise a battle with a select group of friends (10 to 12 people), then simply book in advance and Xcalibur will organise a personalised event for you out of opening hours. Otherwise Xcalibur is open to the public on Wednesdays 9pm to 12pm, Thursdays 9pm to 12pm, Fridays 9pm to 12pm, Saturdays 9pm onwards, Sundays 4pm until 8pm.In order to play, you will have to sign up as a member for 12 months for a small fee (see http://www.lasergamemilano.it/prezzi/ for prices and further details). To speed up the subscription process simply download the necessary forms in advance on http://www.lasergamemilano.it/wp-content/uploads/HS_Iscrizione-2014_MINORI.pdf and take them with you. 
Via Mecenate, 77 20138 Milan
328 2048701
Maglificio Scaglione's new store in Corso di Porta Romana boasts both Scaglione's womens and mens collection. This large store with pale, minimalist furnishings is a perfect showcase for Maglificio Scaglione's casual yet elegant style. Renowned for the quality of its yarns, Scaglione ensures that each collection offers something for everyone from pure cashmere to a wool, silk and cotton mix to pure wool to pure cotton to linen.Scaglione's collections stand out as they are easy to wear, and yet always reflect the latest trends. Classic but never traditional. Made in Italy each garment is carefully made and is of excellent quality.Also on sale you will also find a selection of shoes, bags and jewellery to complete your Scaglione look. Maglificio Scaglione also has another store in Corso Genova, 2 (tel: 02 89403751).
Corso di Porta Romana, 40 Milan
BeYOGA offers various disciplines from Vinyasa to Ashtanga, to Hatha.  I tried Vinyasa with a friend and loved it. I’m thinking of buying a packet of lessons which I can use over a period of time, that way I won’t lose any money if I can’t go every week. Word of warning though, if you are going by car leave some extra time to park and make sure you have a “gratta e sosta” (€1.20 prepaid parking ticket) with you as parking can be tricky.
via Carlo Botta, 8 20135 Milan
02 5465590
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